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Went to see the doctor on Friday regarding my blood test results, the two things which were rather high were cholesterol levels:

Taken Fasting at 10.00 am

Serum cholesterol XE2eD 5.7 mmol/L
Serum HDL level 1.6 mmol/L
Serum triglyceride 0.6 mmol/L
Serum cholesterol HDL ratio 3.2
Serum LDL level 3.6 mmol/L

Anti-smooth muscle autoantibody level (XE2ph). Weak positive
Auto-immune hepatitis? viral hepatitis? Drug induced

Regarding the liver tests I don't take drugs either recreational or farmaceutical.
However from the ages of 14-21 was on antibiotics for a lot of the time for Acne, could this be the cause of liver damage?

I eat plenty organic food: vegetables, free range grass fed beef, lamb, chicken,eggs,wild salmon.Olive oil. Wholemeal bread and oats in the morning, but also eat quite a lot of organic butter and organic chocolate!

Any advice welcome.

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