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I am a 47 year old active female. I exercise 3-4 times a week, have a healthy diet, and I am not overweight. Just had a complete physical and was given an overall excellent rating...except for my cholesterol! My HDL is 65, my LDL is 163, Trigly 98, and total cholesterol 248. The notes on my results from the doctor stated that she was suprised to see my total cholesterol so high with such a good HDL. She did suggest I try an over the counter natural supplement for 6 months to try to bring that number down. I have been doing some research this afternoon and it appears that because my ratio of good to bad is only 2.5 that I really am not a high risk. Any input on this? Am I missing something?
The only thing wrong with your results is your LDL so really you should be able to bring this down with dietary changes because your trigs and HDL are great
I agree. I would try to get the LDL down.
You sound just like my DH: lean, healthy, athletic with plenty of exercize weekly, but a higher LDL. He is unable to take statin drugs, they caused horrible muscle fatigue and pains. So, we tried really limiting his red meat intake, and I mean, he rarely eats red meat now, only organic chicken, fish and vegetable proteins such as quinoa and limited organic dairy, low fat organic milk and yogurt and cheeses. He has also started eating 5 servings of fruits, salads with olive oil dressings and veggies(also organic) daily. At this year's physical exam, his cholesterol number came down to 200, with LDL and HDL to acceptable numbers. He's never felt better in his life!

p.s. I think doctors are stuck on the number 200 total cholesterol! I sometimes wonder if it's just that they are told to push the statin drugs by the pharmaceutical companies or do they really know what the implications of the cholesterol numbers really mean? Remember not long ago, they said certain foods like eggs and fish were bad? And then it was like, oops!! :confused:

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