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Jenj770 – Thanks for the ratio info. I have no idea really what it means, important ratio? What is this from? Maybe the dose is too low to cause side-effects, but the nurse never told me anything about side effects. What is more important – getting rid of cholesterol or the ratios?

Titchou & Jenj770 – I think because it is such a low statin dose, perhaps the intent is to slowly creep off (obviously really slow) and let the body eventually take over. I did notice that the prescriptions are written in two 7 month quantities. Thanks for telling me, I was curious why but just assumed it was an office error.

Titchou - why do they monitor you when taking meds? Do the levels spike up or drop that dramatically? Or does your body just become immune to the medication?

The diet and exercise I started after the medication is next to impossible to continue. That is another reason I asked how long do we have to keep it up (OP)? I am a single parent and cancelling all vacations and after school activities is just not sustainable or reasonable anymore. A diet with fish (children hate fish), oatmeal, no cheese (children want cheese), no etc.. Is crazy. How big of a deal is 1% from 2% milk? Chicken for fish or white rice for brown rice? It has taken about 10 years to gain 50lbs with chicken in the diet! Another reason I ask, how much weight can I expect to gain with the cholesterol diet (from OP)?

I don’t know what "elevated" meant either, but the only difference in the tests are: I took the first one in the afternoon after lunch and the second one in the morning after the gym. (yes, I was given some notice at least to fast for the second test).

I do not have any tests scheduled. If the longest you're supposed to be on a prescription for is just a year, maybe I will be able to schedule a morning test. Worst case, I give up and learn to live with having cholesterol and switch doctors.

Thank you Rudiraven, jenj770, and Titchou for your input. I appreciate your effort and help.

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