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Hi Been keeping unwell and been hooked on to Healthboards trying to figure out which symptom matches my condition. Doing that Was quite a disaster and it freaked me out. I went and got my Health Profile done with all the tests. My [B]CBC Tests[/B] were absolutely fine, [B]Kidney Function Test[/B] - Normal, [B]Liver Test [/B]- Normal , [B]Thyroid Tests[/B] - Normal.

However my [B]Vitamin D[/B] Levels were low [B]@ 15pg/ml[/B] and my Cholesterol Levels were very high according to the doctor for my age.

[B]Report :

[B]Serum Cholesterol : 266.8
HDL : 34.0
LDL : 205.1
VLDL : 27.7

Serum Triglycerides : 139
Total Lipids : 672[/B]
CHO/HDL Ratio 7.84:7[/B]

There is slight numbness in my left leg and checked symptoms of PAD i pretty much fit in there. However i am only 27 years old...I eat healthy but maybe i eat a lot. I think its been triggered by excessive smoking and alcohol. I drink once a week but then i drink it up well. I feel numbness in the legs and while running sometimes i feel muscle stiffness in the legs.

Please advice on the above shared report.

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