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How can that be?
Nov 8, 2012
Hi everyone,
Every year my workplace offers a free health screening. I'm 33, don't drink, quit smoking 8 years ago, walk 1+ hour 7 days a week (more now than I did last year because I just got a high-energy dog). Up until this summer I was taking topiramate and propranolol for migraines, but had to get off the propranolol because it was starting to affect my blood pressure, giving me positional low blood pressure. To this day, I can't say my blood pressure has completely recovered. And without the topiramate/propranolol combo, my migraines are not under control anymore. That was that for a little bit of background. Now for the screening results, after 12 hours of fasting:
HDL: 64--->80 (> 50)
LDL: 78--->46 (< 100)
Triglycerides: 105--->248[B]!![/B] (< 150)

Glucose is fine: 92--->76 (< 100)

When I saw my internalist in August, he did a blood panel, but we skipped the cholesterol because I showed him last November's results...
Now, I know my triglycerides are not off the chart, but they're still in the high category and have more than double in a year while everything is getting better. Plus I don't have any of the risk factors. Could the 248 be due to the medications I'm taking?? Should I be concerned?

Thanks for your insight,
Best to everyone.

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