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Dear all ,
Here are my cholestrol history and my story of high cholestorol and attempts to control.
and some questions that I would appreciate someone with experience and expertise could answer:

Lipid Profile June 2007...when aged 35


Total Cholestorol= 235
HDL= 32
LDL= 166
Triglycerides= 174

--For 5 years sicne the above test I had no control on eating.....fatty foods, fast food, sweets, chocklates,cakes eggs, deep fried.....basically good life and no hold bars on eating.

--I don't smoke, drink ocassionally...2 to 3 times a month a few beers or a glass or 2 of red wine

--BP and Blood sugar normal

--body weight about 74Kgs then, height 170cm

--running / jogging about 3 to 4 times per week

Turned 40 and decided to check the consequences of giving myself the license for good life and
Sep 18th 2012 following was the lipid profile:


Total Cholestorol= 261
Triglycerides= 195

body weight 76kgs

Shock..fear..but a realization what you eat is what shows in the blood tests:

--cut out sweets, cakes, choclates, eggs, deep frie food, Mc Donalds fries type stuff completey...also avoided chips, pacaged food completely.

--did eat still non fatty sweets, a lot of fruits, normal carbohydrate rich diet including bread / pasta / rice and rice based diets with chicken and vegetables cooked in low/moderate oil contents

--added eating some nuts / garlics/ whole wheat breads, fibrous vegetables / red rice ( tasted yucky) to daily diet

--included supplement herbal guggulu one capsule daily

--running 25 minutes daily at 5to 6 times a week at average 8kms/hr


October 4th, 2012 Result

Total Cholestorol= 204.6
HDL= 33.4
LDL= 133.7

Body weight 72 kilos

22% reduction in total cholestorol

Breathed a sigh of relief...relaxed a bit...

Continued followign all the routines as started as of Sep 18th but also added Omega3 concentrate capsule one daily.

allowed myself a slice of pizza about 2 times a month.


Got another test done today 27th Nov 2012

Total Cholestorol= 208.4
HDL= 39.06
LDL= 139.8
Trigllycerides = 148.8

Body weight 70.5 kgs


--Is reading 4 better than reading 3..because the HDL has increased by 20% and all the ratios are looking more favourable putting me in the moderate risk category

--the diffrence between 3rd and 4th reading shows triglycerides dropped and HDL that a known correlation.

--any suggestions on how to continue to increase the HDL ?


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