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Note, I am not a doctor, I just track my numbers closely and read a lot.

CRP responds to inflammation, and is an attempt to evaluate overall risk for cardiovascular issues. However, it can come from multiple and/or benign sources (i.e. a viral infection or flu). The reason they retest in 1-2 weeks is to check to see if it was a temporary spike or if the number is consistent.

The other numbers are borderline high, but not exceptionally so. My numbers were similar a few years ago and I got 'the talk' from my doctor, about making lifestyle changes to work on getting my numbers down, which I have. He/she may also recommend taking a statin to help the process, though many will recommend diet/exercise first.

non-HDL cholesterol is just your total (211) minus your HDL (47) = 164. Your LDL is calculated based off that number (non-HDL - Tri/5, so 164 - 140/5 = 136).

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