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Feeling rather desperate at this moment. Just got my results back from yearly exam. Total Chol 252, LDL 171, Trig 205, HDL 48. Had my Dr run a CRP and it was 5.1 (2008 was 1.1). I am on a low carb diet, 57 years old male, 165 lbs 5'10". In great physical condition. Non smoker. For six years have taken 6000 units of Alaska salmon oil, co Q-10, C, B, and Picolinate. I gave up sugar and white flour, fast food and alcohol years ago. I do eat red meat, cheese, butter, raw milk and home raised chicken eggs.
I am now very concerned about my health. My dad had 10 brothers and over half of them had heart conditions. My mom's dad died in his fifties from a stroke.
My Dr keeps pushing me to go on statins..I wont do that unless it is the last resort.
My thoughts are start niacin 1500 mg daily. Exercise even more than I am now (currently three days a week hot intense yoga, Saturdays total physical out in the shop days), back off the red meat, reduce milk intake, more salads.
Should I be as worried as I am?
Sincerely appreciate all of the advice. I have caught my breath and developed my plan for tackling this.
I pushed my doctor to retest my cholesterol and c-reactive in two weeks. It seems odd that my c-reactive would rise from 1.1 in 2008 to over 5 last week. Fingers crossed it was due to a cold I had. I have changed from my low carb soy bagels in the morning to a bowl of oatmeal. I have started on 1000mg of niacin and will boost to 1500 tomorrow. Added three tablespoons of virgin olive oil and I have added jogging to my physical exercise and I am on a no red meat low carb diet now.
If I can see a drop in two weeks in ldl an increase of any kind in hdl and my c-reactive drop to below 3, then i can feel confident I can get this back under control. And a second retest is scheduled for six months.

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