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I don't think it is correct that HDL and LDL are the same, you might want to go over the numbers again. LDL is typically much higher than HDL. Those numbers don't really add up properly. Call them again to get the numbers. In the US, at least, you can ask for a copy of the report as well; hopefully, you can do that there as well so you have a hard copy.

The basic calculation for LDL is

LDL = total cholesterolHDL – (triglycerides/5)

Using the numbers above would give Triglycerides of 6.5, which is not realistic (the doctor would not consider that normal, imo).

The 4.7 total is in range (<5). The ratio I normally see used is having Total/HDL under 5.0. If the 1.7 HDL number is correct, you are under 3, which is great.

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