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Hi Yack, thanks very much for those numbers. The following are my numbers a few months ago when I had my yearly exam. I have been taking simvastatin for a few years, and after this latest test, my doctor wanted to INCREASE my cholesterol meds. Do you consider these numbers a reason to increase meds? I certainly don't. In fact, I'm highly considering coming off the simvastatin all together. I believe with diet and exercise, I can keep my numbers within the ranges you showed. When I first started taking the statin a few years ago, my total chol was like 220. Don't remember what my other numbers were. But I weighed in the mid to high 170s then. I did a little weight training, but nothing in the way of cardio. Now I'm 164, weight train, and jog. I definitely want to stop taking the statin if at all possible, and I believe I can keep my numbers good without it. I respect my physician and his knowledge, but I'm just looking for a second opinion and trying to do what is best for myself. Any advice you can give would be greatly appreciated.

HDL-C 49
Trig 88
Tot Chol 167
HDL-P 33.6
Small LDL-P 520
LDL Size 20.7
LDL-P 1197
LDL-C 100
LP-IR Score 53

[QUOTE=yackedar;5133663]Sure, no problem.

TC should <=5mmol/L (193.35 mg/dl)
LDL <= 3mmol/L (116.00 mg/dl)
HDL => 1mmol/L (38.67 mg/dl)
Trigs <= 1.5mmol/L (133 mg/dl)

Ratios are now considered to be the most accurate figures in determining a ten year prediction for CHD. (Especially Trigs/HDL)
TC/HDL ratio should =<4.5
LDL/HDL ratio should =<3.2
Trig/HDL ratio = <2
4 = High
6 = Very high risk.

Indeed, particle size is a factor, but not the most important.
Large buoyant HDL and LDL particles are the most ideal.
Large particles of LDL tend to flow more easily throughout the network and are less likely to stick to the artery walls. Large HDL particles gather and return more LDL back to the liver.


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