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Hi ev1,
I always knew my thyroid is all outta whack, and i stopped taking the meds for awhile. I was put on a med for panic attacks and anxiety, serequel. Well it did help with the panic attacks and all so well it even hid my hypothyroid symptoms.
Meantime i gained 40 pounds, serequel stopped helping me sleep so went to Dr and got thyroid tested again and all.
Throid level was really bad, TSH no reflex FT4 - normal range .34 - 5.60 - mine is 29.94
Also my mom passed away from Polycystic Kidney renal failure and my younger sister has it now too, so i wanted tests done on it. Luckily that was all fine.
But my cholesterol levels? OMG i sure wasn't expecting this.

cholesterol 320
triglyceride 708
hdl 43
non hdl cholesterol 277
calculated ldl unable to calculate ldl since tri was too high
cholesterolhdl ratio 7.4
vldl 142

I read up on the serequel more and i am sure tween that and my thyroid being so outta whack it raising the cholesterol, but Dr put me on Crestor. I am off the serequel and on thryoid meds now. But is the crestor neccessary seems to making me feel worse than i did b4 i got the blood tests. i been on it 2 weeks. about a week ago my hip started to hurt real bad, couldn't even bend over. now is my whole lower back hurst so bad can't even stand straight up. I went to reading and noticed that is a side effect alot of the statins have and doesn't seem to be good to take while ur thyroid not regulated either? also can cause anxiety and insomnia? well i got off a med that took care of that most of the time, so get off one to take one that gives me more of it?

Any1 else had same problems with the crestor and what would be best to take instead? maybe change diet better and excercise more, take fish oil maybe? any suggestions? the levels really r freaking me out on my cholesterol.:eek:

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