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Yeah I've been quite conscious of my diet as its always been an issue for me & it was quite high when I got tested after I had my son.

My diet mostly consists of things like vegetables, oats, quinoa, brown rice, chicken (i only eat the breast, no skin), bread - but never white, some eggs but I am careful not to over do it, I use light milk, light cheese (but only sparingly), things like raw almonds.. I do have a small amount of 70% chocolate when I'm craving chocolate.. I sometimes allow myself to have desserts as I am a big sweet tooth, but again I'm careful. I also take krill oil & fibre supplements.

If I were to eat any better I know I would feel deprived.. I'm a big believer in being healthy but also everything in moderation - I love food & I would never want to go without things I enjoy..

It's just frustrating as I eat healthier than many people I know - to the point I have a reputation of being a bit of a health nut, I also exercise almost daily yet... my cholesterol is CRAP.. I know many are in the same boat, its just not fair :(

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