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Hi all,

just really needing some advice!!!

I am 28 yr old female, healthy weight, exercise almost every day, eat very well, & have had high cholesterol since I got checked in my early 20's.

I recently had it checked again and its skyrocketed for no reason whatsoever (i did have a baby 10months ago but i dont think thats relevant). my numbers are:

total - 251
hdl - 54
ldl - 170
trigs - 62

for some reason my hdl has decreased (it used to be higher) & my ldl increased. so i used to have a perfect ratio even though it was in total high but now its all out of wack.

If anything, my lifestyle has gotten healthier so i cant understand it. My dad has always had high cholesterol so i realise it can be genetic, but still.. it scares me & i really really dont want to go on the meds.

i have no other risk factors that i know of. my blood pressure is perfect, healthy weight like i said, dont smoke or drink.. so with that said, does my cholesterol alone warrant going on drugs to lower it?

my doctor wants me to take them, but ive heard so much that its terrible for you & at 28 i dont want to be on them for the rest of my life unless i really need to. I also hear many doctors place you on them when not necessary.

should i take them if im otherwise healthy? please, any help would be so much appreciated.

thank you so much!!!
[QUOTE=kris85;5149016]If anything, my lifestyle has gotten healthier so i cant understand it. [/QUOTE]

You might benefit from a low dose and some diet tweaks but without knowing what foods you regularly eat, it's hard to say where you could make improvements. Have you gone low fat on your diet before your last tests?
Yeah I've been quite conscious of my diet as its always been an issue for me & it was quite high when I got tested after I had my son.

My diet mostly consists of things like vegetables, oats, quinoa, brown rice, chicken (i only eat the breast, no skin), bread - but never white, some eggs but I am careful not to over do it, I use light milk, light cheese (but only sparingly), things like raw almonds.. I do have a small amount of 70% chocolate when I'm craving chocolate.. I sometimes allow myself to have desserts as I am a big sweet tooth, but again I'm careful. I also take krill oil & fibre supplements.

If I were to eat any better I know I would feel deprived.. I'm a big believer in being healthy but also everything in moderation - I love food & I would never want to go without things I enjoy..

It's just frustrating as I eat healthier than many people I know - to the point I have a reputation of being a bit of a health nut, I also exercise almost daily yet... my cholesterol is CRAP.. I know many are in the same boat, its just not fair :(
one thing that I would suggest is if you increase the amount of healthy oil in your diet, things like olive and nut oils are very healthy and will help increase your HDL, and just by getting that up to a higher level it will also help with your LDL. You can use them for cooking and drizzle a bit over your chicken for example, or use them in salad dressings. Some people do have more of an issue with cholesterol, and I've found I have to be really vigilant every day, if I ate like most people, my cholesterol will just go sky high very quickly but I stay on a low dose now of crestor and that helps to keep things in check too.
There is one thing you might ask for- a thyroid check. People who have low thyroid often have high cholesterol, and that is a simple blood test and relatively easy to treat if low. There are cholesterol meds other than the "statins" that could be taken. The statins are the ones commonly used that have gotten a bad rap from some of their side effects. One old but effective drug is questran. It just prevents fats from being absorbed in GI tract, and is taken before meals. Niacin, a B vitamin is sometimes used, but the sustained release form is best to prevent the flushing it can cause-not harmful but annoying. Dr. Oz recently has recommended a supplement called garcinia cambrogia OTC, derived from a fruit, that helps lower cholesterol also. I think all those could be safely taken long term if you can't get your cholesterol down with diet alone. You can't help your genetics, and that is most likely the cause. I would want to do something to keep it down, as you are young with many years ahead, and don't want your arteries clogged up by 40-50 years of age.
yeah I've even had my thyroid checked and its actually borderline low & I think it needs to be on the higher end of the scale to affect cholesterol?? (not 100% sure on this!)

thanks for the advice, after looking up some stuff on naicin & the one from dr. oz, I might try those out - cant hurt! I suppose if on my next check (6months time) its still high, I might have to go on meds. I just wish I could find a good dr that could give me all my options & what would be best for me, as any dr I've seen about this, including my current one, have just said I need to go on statins and after everything I've read on them, its really not an ideal option right now.
Getting your thyroid level up may help your cholesterol! I would certainly explore that option with your Dr.
With your Trigs being optimal, I do not think a change in the consumption of oil will help any and your diet is a good one.
Your ratios and HDL levels are still very good. At your 'young female' age, do not worry.

Here's a little info for you.
Cholesterol levels will be elevated in women prior to ovulation.
Possibly the reason for the changed figures?


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