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Success -
Apr 18, 2013
So 6 weeks ago I got some ****** cholesterol results and absolutely freaked out. I read everything I could about what causes cholesterol to be raised and prayed like all hell that I didn't have genetically high cholesterol that couldn't be fixed without going on statins.

My old bloods were:

Total: 224
Triglycerides: 274
HDL: 33.6
LDL: 135 (possibly inaccurate due to such high trigs)

My new bloods are:

Total: 112
Triglycerides: 44
HDL 39.8
LDL: 61

So what did I change???

Declaring war on triglycerides
I cut all high glycemic carbs and ate no sugar or processed carbs for 6 weeks. I also reduced total carbs to under 45% of total calories. My aim here was to reduce my triglycerides which are the easiest to reduce and can increase the total cholesterol and bring down HDL. I also increased cardio by doing 30 minutes 6 days a week on top of my 4 days a week weight training.

Nutrition and weight loss
I've also lost 10kg, I did this by cutting total calories to under 2000 a day. My daily feed was:

Meal 1
Half cup (raw) oatmeal
Half diced apple
Tsp cinnamon
1/4 cup oat bran

Meal 2
1 large can of tuna or salmon or 200grm chicken
Half cup (raw) brown rice

Meal 3
Lite yoghurt
Walnuts or Almonds

Meal 4
250grm chicken or 200grm salmon (fresh)
2 cups frozen mixed veges
25 grm Pro active margarine (has cholesterol block sterols in it)

I also took 4x 1000mg fish oil tablets a day
1x sterol supplement (1000mg)
Cut all caffeine (plunger coffee rises cholesterol and I was drinking 5+ a day)
Drank at least 5x cups of green tea a day
Took 3 table spoons of Metamucil a day
Had zero cheat meals

I realise this diet is pretty limited and unsustainable, but I will run bloods again once I've increased my calories to fit my BMR again and see how they fare. For me it was all about the carbs...too much late night binging on crackers, cheese and biscuits.

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