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I notice that his triglycerides are very high, 500. That usually caused by too many carbs. His HDL (good cholesterol) is very low, 28. That is usually because he's not eating enough healthy fats. I know you said you eat healthy and I'm sure you think you do, but the numbers don't indicate a proper balance. Have him cut back on carbs. Try to stick to things with a low glycemic index. Eat healthy cuts of lean red meat, along with chicken and fish. Cut back on rice, pasta, breads, fruits (unless they're low glycemic on the index list.) Avocados, nuts, and other higher protein foods might help with his HDL. Even a few eggs a week shouldn't hurt. I didn't see a listing for his LDL so not sure about fat intake. Everyone has a different idea on what works and what's best, so this is just my opinion, but I would try everything else before resorting to statins. They have so many side effects. I wish you both well. :)

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