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Hi everyone- I'm new on here.
I just had a full panel work up for the first time in 10 years.
I did a health and wellness screening at work and was oy given a results sheet. No explanation other than if no one contacts you everything is. Not the best answer.

Basic Info
I'm 39 years old.
I'm 6' 190 my body fat is 11%
Bp was 120/71

I played football through college and continued to workout ever since.
I lift 3-4x a week and run 3-4x a week.
I put in approx 100 miles a month/ 25 miles a week running.

On the down side I still have a fairly poor diet. Trying to improve that. With 10-12 hours a week in the gym it's been bad justification for a so-so diet.

My total chol was 181
Hdl was 47
LDL 129
Trigly 45
Chol Ratio is 4.1

Now that I'm pushing 40 I am going to do it every year and compare number year to year. Any advice on what to improve, what to watch and overall how my current levels look.
Thanks so much in advance.

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