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I was confused when I found out how Total Cholesterol is calculated. Total Cholesterol = HDL + LDL + (Triglycerides/5)

And they say Total Cholesterol should be lower than 200. The problem is that they also say that HDL should be higher than 40. Isn't this conflicting?

For eg.

[INDENT]Person A (HDL=30 , LDL=130 , Triglycerides=150) So Total = 190

Person B (HDL=50 , LDL=130 , Triglycerides=150) So Total = 210

So even if the Total Cholesterol of Person B is higher, he's in a much better shape as all three HDL, LDL, Triglycerides are in range[/INDENT]
Its not really conflicting because HDL is your "good" cholesterol which helps counteract the "bad" LDL cholesterol so keeping your LDL, HDL and trigs in range individually and having a good ratio is more important than the total

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