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"[I]BTW, Red Yeast Rice IS a statin, lovastatin to be precise. That's why it works for some people.

Oh and the best way to raise HDL is daily BOOZE. (Or 2000 mg. niacin, a fatal dose for me.)[/I]"

Hi Voxx976,

My history of Angina was in some ways the same as your own. I suffered one daily attack all but one day for 4.5 months before the 95% blockage after a heart attack was discovered and 'zapped' with a balloon and then a stent insertion. I would not wish a 20 minute angina attack on my worst enemy.

A couple of points.
Statins can in only a very few cases stabilize plaques but never for a short period after stenting. In the studies that I have read, reading between the lines it becomes obvious that there is little evidence to support statements that statins stabilize and reduce existing plaque growth. In some of the research papers some of the scientists evaluating results of their own studies were at odds. If they are/were at odds, then who is it we should believe?

I totally have to disagree with you about your statement on RYR.

RYR info for you. Please read some of my other posts on this board for further info.
Here is a post of mine from years gone by.

As far as I am aware the ancient Chinese used Hong Qu (Red Yeast Rice) as a preservative, spice, and food colouring substance. (British spelling for color)
It's still used to give Peking duck its red colour and can be an ingredient of fish sauce, fish paste, and rice wine.

Red yeast rice is still used in traditional Chinese medicine as a remedy for poor circulation (invigorates blood circulation and eliminates blood stasis), indigestion, and diarrhoea.

When RYR is produced using the 'Went' strain of Monascus purpureus, it contains significant quantites of the HMG-CoA reductase inhibitor lovastatin (mevinolin) or monacolin K, a naturally-occurring statin.
Monacolins possess hydroxymethyglutaryl coenzyme A (HMG-CoA) reductase-inhibitory activity. There are fourteen identified Monacolins to date, but only one has been scientifically trialled and was then artificially COPIED.

As stated before on this site 'Monacolin K' has now recently been banned as an ingredient of all red yeast rice products sold in the USA, but only in the USA. It still OK to be sold as an over the counter purchase in Europe and Asia.
Red Yeast Rice even has a page mentioned on the National Health Service website of the UK as an alternative remedy for high cholesterol reduction for patients not wanting to take, or are unable to tolerate statin medication.

Although 'Monacolin K' has been banned by your FDA, there are several good RYR preparations produced within the US without the manufactured by-product, Citrinin, containing a combination of some of the other remaining thirteen so far identified Monacolins which actually work well, if not better than RYR preparations containing Lovastatin (Monacolin K). Two that I personally know that definitely work, are Nature's Plus and Source Naturals. There are obviously others, but I would need to know the type of 'Monacolin' content of any other brands before I could possibly comment.
Today, it would be impossible to obtain ALL information regarding the full content of a RYR capsule from virtually any RYR manufacturer.

As for other Cardiovascular benefits, I personally know of none. Until science delves deeper and deeper into understanding the properties of the remaining known 'Monacolins', trial them, and then STEAL one or more of those natural monacolin substances, artificially produce and classify it/them a drug, like they did for 'Monancolin K' and named it's artifical version, Lovastatin, we will not know.

Although alcohol does raise HDL, one would have to turn into an alcoholic to maintain a high level of HDL.
Far better results can be achieved from Krill Oil and EPA/DHA Omega 3 oils whilst benefiting the body health-wise at the same time. Balancing your intake of Omega 3 and Omega 6 on a 1:1 ratio will, with the intake of Cocoa, Vitamin D3 and Pomegranate Juice greatly reduce the source of atherosclerotic plaque growth, and that is [B]inflammation[/B].

Upon the diagnosis of Angina I was placed on 40mg Zocor. "This will stabilize and reduce the plaque growth causing your Angina" I was told, even though my three ratios were perfect and my TC sitting at 162. As I said, four months later I was undergoing a heart procedure to escape death.

Eliminating inflammation, eating a Mediterranean diet, exercising and staying off a Statin drug has helped my body feel 10-20 years younger than my 63 years of age.


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