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I started with angina pain in 1992.
Stayed in denial till 1998 when I had a stress test and an echo (from a real jerk) who determined "no heart issues except hypertension" in spite of my telling him I was suffering a crushing chest pain throughout the latter half of the stress test. He said can you continue and I did...I'm very competitive.
His report actually said "no evidence of ischemia during the test."
I do hope he is no longer practicing medicine, with the operative word being "practicing."

Having a mother who died of progressive congestive heart failure I demanded my GP put me on Lipitor in 1998 after seeing an HDL of 28 and sky high Lp(a.)
By 2004 I could stand what I KNEW to be angina pain no more, and I went to see a crack interventional cardiologist. He said I had TEXTBOOK angina and ordered an immediate angiogram. My RCA was blocked 98+%.
I got my first stent and all went well for years.

I have taken Lipitor/now cheap atorvastatin for 15 years in doses from 10 mg. to 80 mg. (for a month after stenting to stabilize plaques.) Usual dose is 20 mg. Never any muscle pain.
When my insurance company said I must switch to simvastatin when it went generic, I tried it for several months and my LDL (in the 60's with Lipitor) shot up dramatically.
My GP gave me a huge pile of Crestor samples and after just a few weeks I developed thigh and hip to me. I could not take the stuff and resorted to online atorvastatin. But soon afterwards, it went generic in the United States and I could buy it for $10/month.

The drug is a true miracle drug for me and it, along with 2 EMINENT cardiologists, has given me what I know to be YEARS of health.

For anyone who has trouble with statins I recommend trying 10 or even 5 mg. of atorvastatin. It seems remarkably effective in even these tiny doses.

I DO sympathize with those who suffer pain from statins because I know what Crestor felt like for me. Choosing between endless leg pain and progressive heart disease would have been a Hobson's choice indeed. I suppose I'd have had to choose the leg pain...but not happily.

BTW, Red Yeast Rice IS a statin, lovastatin to be precise. That's why it works for some people.

Oh and the best way to raise HDL is daily BOOZE. (Or 2000 mg. niacin, a fatal dose for me.)

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