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Thank you -- it's just the LDL that bothers the doc... it's what has always bothered the docs... my HDL used to be in the eighties/nineties !!!

Some docs say they don't use the ratios anymore and LDL is their concern. OK, so I said put me back on Zocor generic, 10 mgs. and that's what he did. -- Now I wait a couple of months and see what the result is. Since I'm one of those weirdos with a high CK number even without a statin, the Zocor generic should be fine.

I think the docs are 'covering themselves' fearing liability if they don't treat everything that could be a potential problem. One doc said she had a young and fit female with numbers like mine (years ago) and that girl ended up with a heart attack. Interesting, but we are all different! Can't judge one person by another.

[QUOTE=yackedar;5225302]I'll second everything that Rudiraven has said.

If on the other hand you need the reassurance of a statin, then tell your Doctor that you would prefer to be prescribed Zocor (Simvastatin) at the dose you were previously taking. As stated, it's your body, your choice.


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