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[homecooking's become my forte, e.v. olive oil's become my staple for oil/fat, I almost totally avoid trans (hydrogenated/modified) fat, maybe that runs about 1 ounce in total per year]

my own numbers:

(pardon the 'metric' version, normal range is in brackets)

CHOL 4.53 (2.00-5.19 mmol/L)
HDL 1.21 (>0.90 mmol/L)
CHOL:HDL ratio 3.74 (<4.9)
LDL 2.82 (2.50-3.39 mmol/L)
TriGly 1.11 (0.45-2.29 mmol/L)

They used to be like yours (eg. 2001 - 2003 when I raised the concern):

CHOL 6.21
HDL 1.01
CHOL:HDL ratio 6.1
LDL 3.95
TriGly 4.55

Which, was 'lipidemia' (too much fat in my blood). My doctor had often casually remarked that there was room for improvement but had not told me I was at an unhealthy level. What was the red flag for me was the blood donor clinic sent me a letter about my blood being unsuitable as the high fat content did not allow it to be properly tested/screened. Ouch!!


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