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i recently had some bloodwork done and it was remarked that my only concern should be high cholesterol. i dont think this is a result of diet/exercise and im also not sure how to interpret the results. i am 24, 5'5ish, and 110lbish

these were my numbers:
cholesterol : 211 (high)
triglycerides: 58
hdl - 77
ldl - 122 (high)
ldl/hdl - 1.59
calculated vldl - 11.6

ive heard several things about these numbers in correlation. im not concerned so much as curious if my cholesterol really should be considered high in a negative way?
I think you're fine. The LDL wouldn't be considered high if your total cholesterol was 200 or less. So, you're not far off the norm. And the HDL pretty mich overrides all that as HDL in that range is exceedingly good for you. You could try to tweak the LDL with diet but that's all I'd do and I wouldn't worry that much about it.

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