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Got my blood work back and my numbers are as follows:

LDL 206
HDL 60
Can't remember trig but my total cholesterol was 285.

Year and a half ago I had similar numbers with a slightly lower LDL and higher HDL. I was in the process of changing my diet and then life happened. Death in the family, wife had a major accident and all the stress that came along with that. Doc wants me to go on statins and I want to hold out for 3 more months just to see if I can change this around myself so at least I can say I tried. I have read some of the older posts and some of these success stories are truly inspiring. From the research I have done on this forum and some others I have decided to cut red meat, dairy, fried food and alcohol out of my diet. I will be regularly exercising for a minimum of 30 mins every day. As far as supplements I will be taking RYR at 2400 mg a day, flax seed oil, cox10 and a multivitamin. I'll repost my results 3 months from today. If you guys have any comments suggestions please don't hold back

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