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Hi Gop

Your calculated HDL is as below.

Your TC of 217 is BORDERLINE
Your LDL of 124 is NEAR OPTIMAL
Your HDL of 52 is NORMAL
Your Triglyceride of 207 is HIGH RISK.

The readings above on their own mean very little, but the below ratios are taken into account for a ten year prediction of CHD.

Your TC/HDL ratio is: 4.17 - (preferably under 5.0, ideally under 3.5) GOOD
Your HDL/LDL ratio is: 0.419 - (preferably over 0.3, ideally over 0.4) IDEAL
Your triglycerides/HDL ratio is: 3.981 - (preferably under 4, ideally under 2) NORMAL

As your ratios are currently good then you have no need to worry.

One bit of advice to raise your Trig's and slightly raise your already good HDL count is to start taking 1 gram of Omega 3 EPA/DHA fish oil daily at a ratio of 2:1 (ie. ~600mg EPA and ~300mg DHA)
Cut down on Omega 6 intake which on average in the western diet is 10 times higher than it should be. Try to balance your Omega 3 and Omega 6 intake.
Omega 3 is anti-inflammatory.
Omega 6 is inflammatory.


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