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Here is my question. My latest numbers after being off Crestor for three weeks are:

Total Cholesterol 214
Trig 163
HDL 40
LDL 141

These numbers obviously are not ideal, but not horribly bad either. My doctor will tell me to get back on Crestor (but maybe at 5 mg) because I can't really tie my soreness to the Crestor. The question is whether to get back on Crestor or live with my numbers and keep working out and watching my diet. I have been taking 250 mg of flush Niacin and the prescription strength fish oil every day even after going off of the Crestor. I also have been taking CoQ10 and a baby aspirin every day.

Any suggestions?[/QUOTE]

[COLOR="RoyalBlue"]That is a very low dose of flush Niacin. You could try [I]very slowly[/I] ramping it up until, eventually, you're at 1200 to 1500 mg. You can take this in divided doses AM and PM. This would help to raise your HDL.

To further lower your LDL you could try adding Red Yeast Rice 1200mg along with your COQ10. Nature's Plus is free of citrinin.


Yes, I'm taking CoQ10 every morning. I take the RYR in the evening after dinner.

Didn't know about the D3, K2 and Ca/Mg. Damn, that's a lot of pills. I may just go back to Crestor. All of my numbers were within the recommended range with just one little 10mg pill a day--especially if I can't really tell if it has any side effects.

edit: And I'd probably save $$. The Crestor is $30/month on my insurance. That's less than all of the over-the-counter stuff plus I'm still taking the Vascepa.

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