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Battling with HDL
Apr 5, 2014

I am battling to get my HDL cholesterol up.

I am 61 years old, 5ft 10in

My cholesterol situation came to light during work-up for a major operation

Two years ago, I weighed 165lb and

I watched my diet and, after about a year, I weighed 143lb and
LDL=107 mg/dL

My GP said I should aim for and HDL of 60 and an LDL of 96, so I really pulled out all the stops and went on a strict diet, paying particular attention to the balance of macronutients. I did all the things they say you should to boost your HDL.

My latest results, 6 months after the previous one are:
Weight =123lb
HDL= 38mg/dL
LDL= 96mg/dL

I am now borderline underweight and cannot sustain this diet any longer without risking my health in other ways, but the HDL figure hasn't budged.

My wife is diabetic and I use her sugar monitor to check blood sugar: no abnormalities

Has anyone experienced this problem and knows how to overcome it?

Other background
Apart from slight right bundle branch blocking, I have no history of heart problems or any other chronic conditions.
My father died from a heart attack at the age of 81. His death certificate cited chronic hypertension as a contributing factor. He was also overwright, smoked, and led a sedentary lifestyle.
No members of my immediate family have relevant chronic conditions
I agree. I assume you are including omega 3 in your diet - at least with salmon and other fish so I wouldn't worry about the HDL level at this point. I think 60 is a little more than you could reasonably expect.

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