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My main concern with the statins is the increased risk for type 2 diabetes - which my grandfather on my mom's side had.

My blood glucose level now is fine at 80, but from what I've read, statins can greatly increase that.

There's not really much I can do to improve my diet as is. The only source of sugar I eat is fruit. Banana in the morning and usually an apple and peanut butter at night for 'dessert'. I don't eat any cookies, junk food etc. I eat whole grain bread maybe 1-2 times per week if that, mainly just chicken or fish and lots of vegetables and beans. I have 1/2 cup 2% milk and 1/2 cup almond milk in my plain oatmeal with banana in the morning. I don't really have any weight to lose, I could maybe lose 10 pounds at the absolute most.

I almost wish I was extremely overweight and had a poor diet, then there are fixes I could make. But like my doctor said there is nothing I can really do with my diet or lifestyle that's going to lower my cholesterol at this point.

I don't have health insurance so either way, statins or alternative supplements, I guess it's going to be expensive. :(

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