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[QUOTE=sollyfunny;5302846]what brand of fish oil do u buy/how manh mgs per pill, what store chains sels the best one without mouth fish odor. i tried cheap ones from dollar tree for somerime and stippoed, even then i was only taking 1 tab, so let me know total mgs needd per day and bst store/cheap[/QUOTE]

First of all, here is the problem. Taking 1 tab will NEVER be enough. I used to be like you thinking those "supplement pills" are powerful like medicine, one or two is enough. NO, not at all, even if you are in the label of the bottle saying taking 2 a day, it is merely a marketing scheme to lure customers to buy it. (It really depends, but for fish oil, one or two are really not enough)

You really have to look at how much omega 3 a pill contains (other than saturated fats) To your question, I take Nature made, cvs, as long as there are buy one get one free, I will take it. (Brands don't really matter to me, just make sure they don't expire.. to me I don't trust food from dollar stores, other stuff are okay) And I also made sure it is 360mg per pill.

According to some health articles, you need at least 2000mg a day if you are high in Cholesterol. That makes around 6 pills. Of course, I won't take them at one time. It is best to take it separately with meals. I do so 3 times (sometimes I also take it with cod liver oil twice per day)

As far as taste or odor goes, I smell nothing, no odor as long as it is taken with food. You won't smell any.. I know some people have problems with big pills. Those are kind of big to some. To me, I can swallow 4 at the same time if I want.

Lately, I also take fiber therapy (not expansive as well - 4 a day), and experiment if Lecithin (will see next check up will be better)

The rules of taking supplements is taking with meal, and don't over-take them or you may get toxic.

Hope that helps.

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