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Just posting back. I know this isn't a diet site but diet does affect my goal of lowering LDL/tcc.
So I have eliminated carbs since I last posted. Much more difficult than I thought. I feel like I'm starving.
I've had eggs, peanut butter, tilapia, lots of different unsalted nuts (pistachios, peanuts) limited fruits (apple, banana, handful of grapes). Avoided any refined sugars (chips, rice, noodles, all breads, tortillas).
I even bought veggie burgers but read multiple reviews about how their filled with GMOs and carcinogenic dyes.
I read on paleo diet and many say they have elevated cholesterol after going low carb and adopting paleo.
I'm so confused. My brain says to avoid foods with cholesterol and fats I feel like I have no idea what to eat.
I am down 7 lbs mainly cause I don't know what to eat. My wife went shopping and brought home cheesecake and stuff for rootbeer floats, but I resisted and just watched my kids partake.
Avoiding fried foods I can do.
Any ideas on sites that might offer meal ideas aligned with my goals of lowering LDL/tcc? I have read so much conflicting info.


Admirable that you are trying so hard. But there is a lot you can eat: fish, chicken, lean meats, low glycemic veggies and fruits (banana and apples are actually high, all berries would be better). Cheese and some other dairy products are fine. I think the paleo diet good but starting any low carb program your numbers might rise a bit at first, then they start to drop. This is not unusual or anything of concern. It really would behoove you to do a lot of your own research as then you will feel less confused and more empowered. Maybe print lists of high carb and then low carb foods to put on your frig. You can also start checking carb content on ingredients you purchase. I know this may seem daunting but once you get the hang of it . . . much easier. But, of course, it's up to you.

There are also alternative supplements that will raise HDL and lower LDL but your numbers are not [I]at all[/I] alarming. If you don't want to do the low carb thing just make sure you exercise and eliminate junk and processed food. Xylitol is a good sugar substitute that won't raise your blood glucose level, if you must have sweets. If you adhere to a healthy way of eating most of the time then occasional treats are not going to hurt. Too much denying ourselves is not good either. :)

To healthy and happy,


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