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Hello all
I am 59 and have been on a statin for years (Simvastatin). For a while I did notice leg muscle fatigue whilst doing aqua aerobics but started on CoQ10 and it seemed to improve
Since then I have had my gallbladder removed (4 yrs ago) and suffer acid/bile reflux
Recently I have had right upper quadrant pain, for the last 2 mths.
I had asked to change from Simvastatin 20mg to Atorvastatin 10mg some 3 mths ago as I had read you can take it early in the day as opposed to evening (I take a PPI before bed and thought I shouldn't be taking both together)
As the pain is recent, and I also developed painful knees, I have this week come off the Atorvastatin and gone back to Simvastatin
Results of blood tests received today didn't reveal much wrong with my liver but cholesterol had gone up to 5.3 from 2 mths ago when it was 4.00. The increase can't be from stopping Atorvastatin as I've only just done that after the blood test
Was just given the 5.3 over the phone, so don't know my other numbers but in general the LDL is controlled and the HDL is always terrible, no matter what I do
I am on 20mg Simvastatin
20mg split into two...Omeprazole, for reflux
Daily small dose Aspirin
Amlodipene 10mg and Bendroflumethiazide 2.5mg...both for blood pressure
I have a scan appointment of my liver on 23 Oct

I sort of think I may have non alcohol fatty liver, or duodenal ulcer

I am overweight and not very active
I watched my Mum suffer a series of strokes and am afraid of not being on the Statin. I did try to reduce it with diet originally, it was 8.0 then. Cholesterol seems to run in both my Mum and Dad's side of the family...despite most of them being slim and fit

Like many of you here I have forgotten what it feels like to feel well

Sorry to have gone on a bit and often at a tangent
Do you think statins may have damaged my liver, or something going on with excess bile backing up?

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