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Well Ive taken Lipitor, Crestor, Luvio (i think thats how you spell it) some powder drink and now taking Zetia. I was removed off all of these for muscle pain. Cant take a statin at all. So Ive been taking Zetia for over 3 months now and that is my usual max when muscle pain hits me. I know Zetia is not a statin but they still warn of muscle pain/joint pain as one of the side effects. So now for the past few days i have been in muscle and joint pain and decided to stop it for a week or so and see if this is the cause. Seeing a chiropractor tomorrow too for my back. I really feel achey all over, but not like the flu,more like Ive been beat up and slammed against a wall. I already take the Zetia every other day because of fatigue! Looking for anyone else who has had the same experience. I am really stuck here coz nothing seems to work with me. Every drug ive had to get off of so far with 3 months being my limit. I even take 200 mg of CQ10 every night whether i take a cholesterol med or not. I have a stent in my right artery due to thrombosis in feb of 2013. I am taking 75 mg of the generic to plavix. Even thinking of getting off of that but my stomach could not handle the baby aspirin. Im just at my achey wits on this! Help!

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