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... Are these acceptable cholesterol levels? ... (1 replies)
... If I can reduce and keep my cholesterol within acceptable limits without taking any medication, even better. The optimum situation would be to keep cholesterol levels within range by diet only. ... (24 replies)
... Very good. This helps me alot. Why is total cholesterol misleading? ... (30 replies)

... acceptable levels' of cholesterol are not the same for everybody. ... (24 replies)
... Generally Cholesterol levels are controlled by food intake and exercise. The body actually manufactures all the cholesterol that it needs for metabolism so anything we take in as food sources is an excess of what the body needs. ... (2 replies)
... the high side for your height. That is fine if it is due to lots of muscle, but if there is a lot of jiggly stuff in the middle, losing some of it may help your cholesterol levels. ... (3 replies)
... Good info. I did not know that to much olive oil can have an opposite affect. Originally he told me to cook with more olive oil and and eat more fish. But I honestly did not know that one could get to much. I was getting ready to take a couple of teaspoons of Olive oil a day, not a good idea perhaps? :confused: Good to know. Yes, I have used these as well thinking... (30 replies)
... if you went overboard on the olive oil and "good fats" you should know that too much of any fat, yup, even good fat can rake havoc on your cholesterol levels. ... (30 replies)
Son's cholesterol
Dec 16, 2011
... The NHLBI recommends the following guidelines for cholesterol levels in children and teenagers (ages 2 to 19) from families with high blood cholesterol or early heart disease: Total cholesterol LDL-cholesterol Acceptable Less than 170 mg (18 replies)
... What proof and scientific evidence is there to show what desirable levels are? ... (24 replies)
... re each processed in a different part of the liver. So he said Lescol was synthetic and persuaded me to try 20 mg. No problems after six months and lower but not acceptable chol levels. Tried 40 mg. Slightly better but not good enough. Then Lescol XL 80 mg. Still no problems 18 months later and chol levels all OK now. ... (39 replies)
... The usual criteria indicate that HDL less than 40 indicates increased risk. Increasing exercise and avoiding trans-fats from hydrogenated oils (common in processed foods and fast food restaurants) are the usual non-drug ways of increasing HDL. The usual criteria for LDL vary depending on other risk factors. Less than 100 is considered optimal, though slightly above is... (1 replies)
... Many experts are convinced that it's time to move beyond lowering of LDL cholesterol for preventing coronary events, since considerable risk remains even after LDL cholesterol is lowered to target levels. ... (38 replies)
... to enhance my lipid levels with nutraceuticals. ... (24 replies)
... especially, considering the fact that what doctors are telling people today is the acceptable or normal cholesterol level, namely, 200 or below, may actually increase your risk of CANCER and STROKE! Imagine the absurdity of it! ... (23 replies)
... our total chol is under 200. As far as your concern about your HDL, your ratios are OK. A high HDL does not mean much if all your other numbers are NG, and great cholesterol numbers mean nothing if your CRP, homocycteine, fibrinogen levels etc are off whack. ... (18 replies)
... in Israel, Italy and Russia, have proven that cholesterol was not an issue. ... (25 replies)
... Then you can modify your approach according to what's acceptable to you. If that doesn't work after a period of time, you can reevaluate. ... (22 replies)
... In all of my reading on the subject, I have read of no concerns with low triglyceride levels. There are concerns with low total cholesterol levels, but yours is normal. ... (2 replies)
... I had high cholesterol a year ago and was put on statin drugs. They worked two weeks my cholesterol was within acceptable ranges...all types! ... (31 replies)

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