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... Hi. I have PCOS, which is one reason why I have high cholesterol. Crestor has reduced my cholesterol dramatically. My liver function tests have always been normal. ... (2 replies)
... I use Crestor and drink several glasses of wine every problems at all. I think WHEN you drink is also important. ... (10 replies)
... week. Stay off the Crestor until the pain is gone, and them you might try taking it every other day, with CoQ10... Stay off things like Niacin or Red Yeast Rice while on a statin... ... (13 replies)

... but if I can lower it without side effects I want to do that. I have started taking take 100mg CoQ10 daily and will try Crestor again in a few weeks to confirm if the leg problem is related. Thanks again. ... (13 replies)
... I can certainly live without another drink but I feel isolated in certain situations and I do miss that occasional drink. I am anyone here on Crestor who still drinks now and then? ... (10 replies)
... jcorn, It's perfectly fine. Next time have the THIRD glass:D! Crestor, niacin, ANY statin, alcohol, any solvents, too much fat, and MANY drugs are all hard on the liver because the liver is the site where all most foreign material is destroyed and eliminated... but it's a matter of degree. Someone who is drunk every day for a year taking a strong statin is different... (2 replies)
... i just started taking crestor 10mg to reduce my cholesterol, is it safe to have one scotch? ... (1 replies)
... All, As you know, I did not suceed in controlling my cholesterol with diet and exercise and nutritional supplements (vitamins,...). My total cholesterol shot up to 285 in June after almost 2 years of 'alternative' therapy. My doctor put me on 5mg of Crestor 6 weeks ago - and my results are as follows: TC 190 LDL 86 HDL 39 Trig 326 (4 replies)
... I've taken Zocor for almost 3 years now. I have an occasional drink. Not every day, not even every week. I've not had a negative reaction yet. I did find though that alcholol will sometimes cause an angina attack. This was more so in the months following my bypass surgery. I've not had an angina attack in quite some time now while drinking alcohol. (10 replies)
... a drink occasionally. None of the patient information I've read has stated flat out "don't drink at all". However, if your doctor has told you not to drink any alcohol at all, then he must have a good reason. ... (10 replies)
... but I was only taking 10mg. At first when I started on 20mg it went down to 183 but my hdl also went down to 50. On top of that I reduced my alcohol intake and only eat very low fat. ... (13 replies)
... Alas, you SHOULD believe that your husband is in a high risk group for heart disease. In "American numbers" his HDL is 32. THis is quite terrible. I speak from experience becasue an HDL only a few points lower got me heart disease in my early 50's. As he found out, metabolic syndrome CAN be dealt with by strict diet, excellent weight control and exercise, with perhaps the... (21 replies)
Crestor Safe ?
May 26, 2005
... I believe Dr. Golomb Study was independent. The side effect rate she uncovered was scary. I'm trying to find a good search phrase to help people find her results site, and unfortunately not succeeding :( Did find this info that I hadn't previously seen Researchers who studied 500,000 residents of Denmark -- about 9 percent of that country's population -- found that... (19 replies)
Crestor Safe ?
May 25, 2005
... I suppose the people who died of rhabdomyolisis on Baycol were just having a hypochondriac attack, or trying to make a convincing point about how statin side effects are for real? No wonder people don't want to tell their doctors about aches, pains, and other problems they experience while on statins. They're assumed to be quacks or hypochondriacs or chronic complainers...... (19 replies)
... and I'm watching my alcohol intake. I'm also on prescription fish oil. ... (13 replies)
... lipid numbers. My overall cholesteral was near 200 but lipids were a little out of whack so he prescribed Crestor and told me to take Niacin every day. My prescription ran out around Christmas 2013 so I hadn't taken the Crestor for about two weeks prior to Monday's test. ... (13 replies)
... Alcohol can definitely raise triglycerides, and the combo of alcohol intake plus being off the Crestor probably accounts for this. ... (13 replies)
... individuals in the Cleveland are who had there arteries cleaned from Crestor and the paper reported no memory losses of any type while on a high dose of Crestor. ... (12 replies)
Big Question
May 8, 2004
... prepared by the respective manufacturers of Zocor, Lipitor, Pravachol, and Crestor. You can read these for yourself. I can't give you the link here but Crestor is mfg. ... (3 replies)
... what dose of crestor were you started on? ... (4 replies)

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