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Jan 24, 2014
... All I can suggest is to lose weight, exercise, and watch your diet. If you can't control your numbers naturally your doctor may prescribe Crestor and/or prescription strength fish oil (Vascepa) as mine did. Since my last post, and after 10 days of Crestor 10mg and Vascepa and low to moderate alcohol consumption my total cholesterol went down to 109 and trig to 128 (from... (4 replies)
... if you could drop them, your overall numbers would be fine. Cut back on sweets, white carbs, and alcohol if that applies to you. ... (16 replies)
... Healthy eating habits have a lot to do with it. Alcohol can be a big factor in higher triglycerides. Alcohol can add to the belly fat as well. I like wine, but I learned that too much can lead to weight gain and skews the numbers a little. ... (3 replies)

... one thing I know about my own high triglycerides is that alcohol definately makes them spike, and it may take several days or more for them to come back down. ... (4 replies)
... Probably the combination of alcohol, and not taking Crestor. I wouldn't worry about it too much. (13 replies)
... I posted earlier about my general fatigue with statins and my headaches with Crestor in particular. ... (0 replies)
... Some studies have found that statins raise blood sugar and/or risk of diabetes (e.g. the JUPITER trial results with Crestor / rosuvastatin, and a study titled "Simvastatin Improves Flow-Mediated Dilation but Reduces Adiponectin Levels and Insulin Sensitivity in Hypercholesterolemic Patients"). You did not specify whether your high total cholesterol was due to high LDL or... (4 replies)
... Yes, I think it's safe but counterproductive because alchohol with raise your triglycerides. (1 replies)
... Thanks so much for the replies. I don't eat any sugar, no sweets, no alcohol, and no processed food. I am, in fact, on an Atkins diet so my saturated fats are the issue, I think, with my high LDL. I should also add that my cholesterol numbers are better this last 2 months and all due to the Niaspan. Without it, I think I can predict an increase. Considering my diet, the... (16 replies)
... I've read that one's ALT might still test have even after stopping the acetaminophen and even while taking it low dose! The AST is typically high with heavy alcohol consumption. Mine has never been high even on Crestor or Vytorin. Definitely, both are key liver enzymes. ... (26 replies)
Good News...
Oct 17, 2006
... hour fast with nothing but it was dead accurate. I never touch alcohol at all, so that was not a consideration. I don't watch my diet as closely as I did last year, but it was still better in some regards. ... (19 replies)
Good News...
Oct 17, 2006
... Consider having a retest before you start the Crestor and see if a GOOD 14 hour fast and no alcohol the day before might give you a much better triglyceride number. ... (19 replies)
... I wouldn't worry about it. It's not as if you drink heavily every day. That would be another story. You are not going to damage your liver overnight. And I don't think an occasional drink or two is going to hurt you. In fact, many people who take statins still have a drink or two each day. Everything in moderation. :wave: (2 replies)
... minate potatoes, potato chips, sugar especially in beverages, cookies, cake, pies, etc. IF you're going to have a sandwich, make it from grain bread. Watch the alcohol intake. ... (19 replies)
... AWWW, I was planning on a nice cold winter day rereading all my old posts...gee, come to think of it, it might have taken 2 or 3 cold days. All that angsting over whether it was angina or heartburn...maybe it's best they're up in smoke.:D:D (10 replies)
... I did a quick search for my posts and they only went back to 01/01/2003. It appears that the board has purged all of the posts prior to 2003. (10 replies)
... Arkie6, Why is it that you have less posts now than you had two years ago when I first became a member of this board? :confused: (10 replies)
... It's not the cream and eggs you need to be concerned with, but the sugar in that eggnog. (10 replies)
... Thanks all. I feel much better about being able to have that occasional drink. I'm already planning ahead to the yearly Christmas party where eggnog is served. I know, I know, the cream, the eggs, NOT good for the heart ...but hey, this is once a year! (10 replies)
... I have to agree with Zip2play. A couple of drinks should be fine. Although one must exercise caution while using these drugs, that's no reason to get too panicky. ;) (10 replies)

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