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... Note the summary said most doctors agree, and recent studies showed, that statins were effective in preventing further cardiac events in people with CHD. ... (36 replies)
... Indeed, statins are very effective in bringing the LDL down but they have very little impact on HDL, which usually needs to be raised. ... (36 replies)
... I'm not a booster of statins and indeed, I'm anxious to see if I can forego them altogether with a committment to lifestyle change instead of a temporary diet. ... (36 replies)

... and you are probably correct stating lowering LDL doesn't lower risk. ... (36 replies)
... One of the things that was in article is that the real reason behind cholesterol drugs is not that they are trying to fight heart disease but rather they were pushed by the pharmaceutical companies who are after the profits. ... (36 replies)
... For a drug that generates $12 billion in annual sales in the USA the evidence looks a little weak IMO. (36 replies)
... extensive and documented article on statins, cholesterol and the pharmaceutical industry. Basically, the article cites experts that question the effectiveness of statins in people without CHD or stroke and the role of TC and LDL cholesterol in CHD and lifespan. ... (36 replies)
... Thanks for that information. Here in Belgium, the blood test results are all marked with the 'normal' range for that item and, for the total cholesterol/HDL ratio, different laboratories specify <4.0, <4.5 or <4.9. On statins, I am at 3.5 so my doc is happy but I must admit that I was not concerned at 6.5. The majority medical opinion seems to be to get the HDL up so I think I... (36 replies)
... three with CHD. All my doctors recomend i stay on statins. I've exercised and eaten properly, tried the nician diets but only statins brings my LDL's down. For me this has been a long tedious struggle trying new and different statins. ... (36 replies)
... thye just didn't appear to prevent it. Most people today are put on them as a preventative but that does not appear to be happening. ... (36 replies)
... stressing are no doubt the most effective therapeautic interventions. ... (36 replies)
... research on Niacin and I would strongly recommend you to do the same. It seems that Niacin can cause liver damage in certain cases but it is considered to be an effective medication for raising HDL levels. Apparently, it can also inhibit the effectiveness of statins in lowering LDL if taken at the same time. ... (36 replies)
... anyway. Taking a statin "just as a precaution" simply doesn't make sense. Especially since, in terms of overall mortality, the only people who benefit by taking statins are middle aged men who have already had heart attacks. You fail that test on both counts. ... (36 replies)
... ago, my doctor decided to put me on Crestor "just as a precaution". At the same time, he sent me for an ultrasound scan on my carotid arteries. That showed they are completely clear but he still feels it is sensible to stay on Crestor particularly as my cholesterol ratio has dropped to 3. ... (36 replies)
... I agree that the topic is disburbing, particularly for those of us who have no specific symptoms. We're worried about being prescribed statins as a precautionary measure rather than as a corrective measure. ... (36 replies)
... and HDL. And when thinking about it, I'm not sure if statins play a big role for any of those. Perhaps they can shift LDL to large particle sizes... maybe... a little bit? ... (36 replies)
... I think that if WE are actively involved in our health, good diet, exercise and common sense, then we should be able to control the amount of necessary medicine going into our bodies. ... (36 replies)
... are the statins really helping these people? ... (36 replies)
... Also does it help with inflammation like statins supposedly do? ... (36 replies)
... Well I was always told that 6.5 was high and that it should be below 4.5. My LDL has always been outside the upper 'normal' range and HDL outside the lower limit. Since going on statins mid last year, the LDL has come down to mid-range but HDL remains low. I guess I'm dithering about going against my doctor's advice. (36 replies)

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