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... and I have eaten avocados and all natural peanut butter. ... (15 replies)
... The USDA nutrient database for "avocados, all commercial varieties" says that 100g of avocado has 14.66g of fat, of which 2.126g (15%) is saturated, 9.799g (67%) is monounsaturated, and 1.816g (12%) is polyunsaturated (hmmm, they don't add up to 14.66g...). However, the amounts and percentages are slightly different for specific varieties (California, Florida) and for... (1 replies)
... isnt the fat and cholesterol in it oxidized do to pasturization? ... (26 replies)

... I lowered my cholesterol by changing my diet alone and dropping 45 pounds. I went from almost 250 to 191 in less than 6 months. ... (12 replies)
... have both gone up. You didn't post your triglycerides. It would be helpful to know that number as well. Just as many people die of heart attacks that have low cholesterol so it's not necessarily an indicator of imminent death. Eat healthy fats like lean meats, nuts, avocados, etc. ... (8 replies)
... Looks like you have most of the lifestyle stuff in order, and only the LDL may be a problem. You may want to look at the ATP-III guidelines in context with any possible risk factors you may have: The only lifestyle thing to consider is what kind of fats you are consuming. Trans-fats from hydrogenated oils tend to... (8 replies)
... It also has a high fiber content. Most of the foods that I have looked at that claim to lower cholesterol are very high in fiber. Since fiber has helped me, then I would say there's a good chance that avacados would help also. ... (9 replies)
... Your overall cholesterol is very low. ... (4 replies)
... But what about LDL? I have high HDL -- 96, Low TG -- 59, so I don't think the high-fat Atkins diet is what I need. My problem is my LDL -- 151. I already exercised, and was not overweight. I still exercise and only weigh 2 pounds less since I have changed my diet. Maybe my HDL will go down and my TG will go up now because of this? I am still eating fat, it's just the... (12 replies)
... I just realized I didn't answer your specific question. The following high calorie foods are generally heart healthy and may actually help improve your cholesterol level: Avocados Nuts of all kinds (walnuts and almonds are particularly heart healthy) Peanut butter (make sure it is natural with peanuts and perhaps salt as the only ingredients...brands like Peter Pan,... (5 replies)
... half avocados a day for three weeks could lower your total cholesterol by more than eight percent without lowering your HDL cholesterol. ... (9 replies)
... Irene, I notice that his triglycerides are very high, 500. That usually caused by too many carbs. His HDL (good cholesterol) is very low, 28. That is usually because he's not eating enough healthy fats. I know you said you eat healthy and I'm sure you think you do, but the numbers don't indicate a proper balance. Have him cut back on carbs. Try to stick to things with... (10 replies)
... Soundstrange, Please post all of your numbers including your triglycerides. I am assuming your total is 265, HDL: 40 and LDL 199. Your HDL is a little low. Try eating good fats like lean red meat, avocados, nuts, etc. LDL needs to come down a little, so fiber foods like oatmeal, apples, etc. Don't know your trigs, but if they're high you should cut down on carbs like... (12 replies)
... nd good for the heart. I would lean towards the fact that it works because it's vegan but I don't think it would be less effective with moderate amounts of nuts, avocados and olive oil. ... (32 replies)
... While lowering carbohydrates (particularly sugars) tends to help lower triglyceride levels (though it seems to not help that much in your case), the types of fats you consume can have a significant effect on your LDL and HDL levels. Trans fats from hydrogenated oils common in processed food and margarine: raise LDL and lower HDL. Avoid! Saturated fats from red meat,... (2 replies)
Mar 23, 2009
... You may wish to consider lifestyle changes as well: To lower LDL: Avoid trans-fat from hydrogenated oil. Avoid saturated fat from red meat, dairy products, and coconut / palm oil. Replace with unsaturated fat from nuts, fish, avocados, and non-hydrogenated vegetable oil other than coconut / palm oil. Lose excess body fat. To raise HDL: (4 replies)
... To try to lower LDL levels: Avoid trans-fats from hydrogenated oils. These are common in processed foods and fast food restaurants. Limit saturated fats, which are common in fat from red meat, dairy products, and coconut / palm oil. Replace such fats with unsaturated fats, commonly found in nuts, vegetable oils (non-hydrogenated, not coconut / palm oil), avocados,... (9 replies)
... Here is an outline of what was likely (or should have been) on that sheet you lost. If you eat animal flesh, choose lean cuts. Increase you consumption of fish. Remove visible fat (and skin from poultry) before eating. Increase your consumption of fruits, vegetables, legumes, and whole grains. True whole grains are things like barley, quinoa, popcorn, brown rice,... (11 replies)
... I know that the Ornish diet is definately against eating avocados/pb and olive oil but I added them in to raise my HDL. I can certainly try the Ornish diet as it's meant to be, but I forsee my HDL dropping more (which I DEF don't need) and my LDL lowering slightly... I am just bummed that nothing so far has worked. I've read on these boards countless times of slow... (15 replies)
... We need fat and it is bad and wrong to deprive our bodies of it. Avocados, for instance, has lots of healthy fats which is good, so why not eat them? Animal fat has also a lot of good nutrients. For many people, me included, statins does not agree. Many people have suffered liver problems, loss of muscle etc.I feel so much better now when I have stopped taking statins and gone... (15 replies)

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