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I did it!!!
Oct 31, 2007
... Sure! The supplements I take daily are 3Tbls. of Psyllium Husks, mixed w/ 8 oz. juice (It thickens so I stir and chug just to get it down) and Fish Oil. My friend had high cholesterol and brought hers down 50 pts. in 8 weeks, too. She swore it was because of the Psyllium Husks, so I figured I'd try it, too. As far as exercise, I exercise 30 mins. a day. Bike riding, walks,... (17 replies)
... There's not really much I can do to improve my diet as is. The only source of sugar I eat is fruit. Banana in the morning and usually an apple and peanut butter at night for 'dessert'. I don't eat any cookies, junk food etc. ... (6 replies)
... Diet can do it. Maybe not for everyone, but if you are willing to improve your diet and exercise some, you can dramatically reduce your cholesterol. I went from a very bad diet high in saturated fats, cholesterol and processed foods to a diet very low in saturated fates and cholesterol and much more natural. I went from never working out to working out 5 times a week... (9 replies)

... Thanks for the replies, everyone. I've completely cut out alcohol, I am down to 2 slices of whole-wheat bread daily and the fruits I consume consist of mainly banana's and apples with the occasional mixture of blackberries, raspberries and blueberries every night in place of ice cream (yes, I gave that up a couple of evenings ago and I don't realy miss it with the fruit in... (20 replies)
... According to my chart, a medium banana has 105 calories. A medium apple has 81. So if you want to get the calories down, choose a small banana or share a large one with the spouse. Bananas have more potassium than almost any other food commonly eaten in this country, so they are a good choice. ... (61 replies)
... Hi phja, My supplements are 2 x 2 g fish oil capsules daily (morning/evening), multivitamin, folic 800 ug, B12 500 ug, B6 100 mg, Ca/Mg/Zn supplement (need to look at levels), Zn 50 mg, Se 70 mg, CoE Q10 50 mg, Gingko Biloba 400 ug I think x 2 per day, Aspirin 325 mg in the evening and Valerian Root in the evening. My typical meals for a day using July 19 as a model:... (17 replies)
... A banana a day keeps the doctor away." according to CNN. The potassium in the banana is enough to lower high blood pressure. ... (3 replies)
... No thanks, I'd rather eat a banana. I need my juice in the morning. Most fruits are a no no. I don't eat a lot but I like my banana or an apple or an orange. I'm not saying no one should try it. If your interested in it get the book from the library first and try it. ... (3 replies)
... I thought. My doctor is not quick to put me on statin which is good. It is a choice. I am researching what I can eat. To be honest I didn't realize eating a banana every day could possibly be raising my darn sugar. So now only 3 times a week, I love bananas. So I will eat blueberries with my oatmeal instead. ... (2 replies)
Serum Cholestrol
Nov 9, 2015
... Thanks. My question, may i have to get medicine? or continue with diets and physical exercises. 1. Playing badminton for two hours (two times per week) 2. walking one hour (4 times per week) 3. eating fruits only for dinner (avocado , one banana, almond or nuts) 4. no eggs or beef eaten. (4 replies)
How can this be?
Oct 24, 2015
... Hello Everyone, I had my cholesterol levels checked a few days ago and I just received the results of the test and I was shocked to find out that my triglyceride levels have actually went up by 64 points compared to the last test I had back in February of this year and I am struggling to figure out how they could have gone up by so much in such a short span of time and why... (5 replies)
... Kerry, Admirable that you are trying so hard. But there is a lot you can eat: fish, chicken, lean meats, low glycemic veggies and fruits (banana and apples are actually high, all berries would be better). Cheese and some other dairy products are fine. I think the paleo diet good but starting any low carb program your numbers might rise a bit at first, then they start to... (7 replies)
... Just posting back. I know this isn't a diet site but diet does affect my goal of lowering LDL/tcc. So I have eliminated carbs since I last posted. Much more difficult than I thought. I feel like I'm starving. I've had eggs, peanut butter, tilapia, lots of different unsalted nuts (pistachios, peanuts) limited fruits (apple, banana, handful of grapes). Avoided any refined... (7 replies)
... My normal breakfast would be a bowl of cherrios with a banana(or something similar)-lunch would be crackers, cheese and a piece of fruit-dinner would be a big salad or chicken, rice with a vegetable. I don't eat many fatty things at all, which is why I am so confused. (9 replies)
... I like the idea of the banana in it also. ... (11 replies)
... Try eating foods that have VERY little preservatives in them and use whole wheat bread etc. I have oatmeal and a banana in the morning and that fills me. ... (11 replies)
... Wow!!! great great advice! I too eat my oatmeal and banana for breakfast now!!! no fast food for me. I want to get my numbers down so badly and stay clear of the meds. ... (8 replies)
... cinnamon on it and a banana plus my 2 cups of coffee and I'm full till 2 p.m. ... (8 replies)
Niaspan ?
Nov 19, 2010
... I've been on Niaspan for nearly a year now and had really good luck with it. Sure, I have to be careful about what I eat around bed time when I take the Niaspan pill (1000mg for me), but I find that as long as I don't eat anything fatty and take the pill right after eating a banana, then head for sleep within 30 minutes of doing so I don't ever notice the flushing. My HDL... (4 replies)
Cholesterol is 229
Jul 22, 2010
... I'm starting to do that now. I switched from regular yogurt to non-fat, gone to 2% cheese and milk(the dietician said to start with the 2% milk than go to the others slowly so I can get used to them). The cakes I used to have for breakfast are gone and now I'm going to eat Cheerios with the 2% milk for breakfast and have a banana. I switched to the lowest saturated fat lunch... (5 replies)

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