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... Seven weeks ago my cholesterol numbers were: TOTAL: 241 LDL: 138 HDL: 44 TRIG: 278 NOTE: Blood tests were done 2 days after Thanksgiving.... I was taking 3,000 mg of NIACIN(ER), 10 mg of pravachol, 2 fish oil tablets, 2,000 mg of VITAMIN C, 50 mg of CO-ENZYME Q10, 1200 mg of plant sterols. (Nature Made CHOLEST-OFF) and a multi-vtamin. (3 replies)
... Good morning patric, I have always shared your fear of margerine. In my case I'll add HATRED because of the repulsive taste and mouthfeel (like Crisco...same thing actually). In the past I'd have only used it to lube a front end or for insanely wild sex:D:D. In my frat house I even carried a stick of butter with me to the table because of my repulsion to the margerine-... (7 replies)
... Plant Sterols as a sustitute for butter and margarine. My cardiologist recommended it. He also uses Benechol and said the drops in cholesterol can be significant. Even Metamucil is known to have beneficial effects on cholesterol and the absorption of fats. ... (14 replies)

... Sterols. For ex. Nature Made Cholestoff. Another way is by adding only BENECHOL buttery spread. BENECHOL is pretty expensive at most supermarkets, but it is very potent in lowering cholesterol and raising HDL. ... (6 replies)
... missy - The Inositol Hex. type, does not benefit your cholesterol levels. It's possible the ingredients used for this type are sub-standard in this country. Policosanol (made from sugar cane) is another proven remedy, but in this country, most types being sold have not benefited cholesterol levels. Most are not made from sugar cane and are not FDA approved. The rest of the... (47 replies)
... Taking Niacin with food or a small snack supposed to prevent stomach upset. I take Niacin on an empty stomach and it has not caused me a problem. Taking either Niacin or any cholesterol lowering drug at bedtime is always best according to my doctor. He said the evening is when we manufacture most of the bad cholesterol. The only exception is Plant Sterols, which is best to... (27 replies)
... You can break the pill in half (10 mg), that is what my cardio doc suggested. He said we can always work upward if 10 mgs does not lower the numbers. I take 10 mg of PRAVACHOL before going to bed, and my cholesterol numbers are always approx around 200. I also take NIACIN, 3 enteric coated fish oil tablets, and 2 capsules of KYOLIC Garlic. (I do not watch my diet and drink... (2 replies)
... If HDL improves improves by 6 points every 7 weeks, and Total, LDL and Trigs. drop by more than 30%. The cholesterol direction appears to be rather positive. On the other hand, all doctors expectations are somewhat different, and tailored to their individual patients Total risk assesment... Wouldn't you agree?? (3 replies)
Feb 13, 2006
... I never heard of it before, but I did see it on my IGA shelf last week. Didn't check out the price, as like I said, didn't know of anyone who used it. I've been using the Promise heart healthy spread, which runs around 2.29 for 2 small tubs, so what is the difference in your neighborhood with the Olivio? Saw the Benecaol, and wow, that is expensive. Glad I read this post, I... (27 replies)
Feb 13, 2006
... 2 2 Hubbles, Yes, it sure DID go up. I used it 2 days prior to my bloodwork and I hit an astounding *50 ! Prior to this I had dismal readings on my HDL's on my cardiocheck barely hitting 40, many times in the mid 30's. It was a simple accident that I was not expecting. I just happened to use it on some warm homemade bread for 2 days straight before bloodwork not... (27 replies)
Feb 13, 2006
... Stumper, I think you mentioned that you had tried Olivio - the butter-substitute spread - and that your HDL went up afterwards?? I just bought a tub of it, and it is absolutely delicious!!! I actually prefer it over real butter. And it has 500mg Omega-3s per serving. It tastes much better to me than the Promise spread I had been using. I still don't understand how... (27 replies)
... "P.S. My doctor said, keep doing what your doing..." Would this be a good Advice from Doc when your cholesterol is OK? (3 replies)
... Take Control spread and Minute Maid cholesterol also works, my mom dropped her numbers using that combo. She got a 17% reduction. You are right to try other methods to lower you cholesterol. She started doing different things advised by my grandmom, they are both diabetics. (3 replies)
... TC- 429 LDL-149 VLDL-230 HDL-35 TG-1300 The VLDL is off some and the HDL cant remember them but there very close to that number. My doctor could not put my on drugs because I have raised liver levels. Seems that might be best. I dont want drugs lol. Since my diag I have went on a lowcarb diet but I consume more white meats the red. Eat my greens and use benefiber,... (9 replies)
... Try the new Heart Wise orange juice by minutemaid - same ingredient as Benecol. Requires (2) 8 oz. glasses/day for 10-15% reduction in cholesterol. Priced same as regular minutemaid! (7 replies)
... I have always loved butter and cream, lost weight with Atkins 3 times, beginning in 1973 and had a 98% coronary blockage stented last week. My mother often drank/craved straight half and half and died of slowly progressive multiple coronary artery blockages (nearly all of them ) I learned firsthand that maybe the saturated fats SHOULD be lowered to 10% of calories as most... (7 replies)
... Whole foods is absolutely the way to go!! Check out the Weston Price Foundation and you can learn something about saturated fats, and overall nutrition. :angel: (7 replies)
... saturated fats don't cause high cholesterol? Great! Now I am really confused! I have been watching saturated like a hawk. With so much information coming and going, me being confused is nothing new. I have had the battle of the butters in my mind too. I think whole food is the way to go, but i have benecol in the fridge right now. expensive. Check out, I believe,... (7 replies)
... Benecol has partially hydrogenated soybean oil in it as a main ingredient. It also has artifical flavors, and syntheric vitamin e added. It has 80 calories in 1 tbsp and 9 grams of fat. Smart Balance is a soy,palm,canola,and olive oil blend. The palm and olive isn't too bad, but the soy and canola are processed at very high temps and then deodorized (very scarey). It... (7 replies)
... I just finished my first tub of Benecol. I liked the taste and it lasted quite a while, but I figure if I am going to get any benefit from it, I need to eat a lot more. So I switched to Smart Beat. Can't say much for the taste, but the price is right and I can eat as little as I want and get no trans fatty acids. (7 replies)

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