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... I heard a doctor say that Lipitor is not the best statin to take to reduce inflammation in the arteries. Does anyone know which one is? ... (2 replies)
... I does however sound a bit like saying that a ball peen hammer isn't the best hammer to use when driving a screw in... ... (2 replies)
... term statin use. You can't really tell until you start seeing the results. And you may never see them. Hopefully the results are good and no negative occurrences develop. ... (25 replies)

... Most of you people, especially Oldguy, are just looking for people to agree with you. If I scare you, you're weak. I'm not naive, just pragmatic. I tried my best to be clear about my intentions, yet you still took offense. Simply because I did not agree, you look down on me. ... (34 replies)
... Oh and the best way to raise HDL is daily BOOZE. ... (23 replies)
... how do we know the amount of statin in the RYR? ... (5 replies)
... res that make Red Yest Rice and they found toxic by products in them. If you want to be consistent and want to make sure you are getting the same doesage of your statin you will need to stick with an RX. Also it depends how high your numbers are. ... (5 replies)
... most of the anti statin people such as Dr. ... (4 replies)
... I also had very high cholesterol. MY problem was after taking just 1 statin pill I itched for days. It was an allergic reaction. ... (12 replies)
... Well, just for the record, if you are taking RYR, you are taking a statin - specifically, lovastatin (admittedly at a low dose, and lovastatin is amongst the least potent of the statins, but it is in the RYR - that's where it was first isolated from). But, looking at your numbers, I agree that I wouldn't be overly concerned with them. Assuming you don't have other risk... (31 replies)
... led it with diet and exercise. Even if you take the RYR CO Q10 should be used as it is a natural statin. Many Drs. don't tell their patients to take it when on a statin of any kind, but should, as any statin, Rx or natural depletes your body of certain things. ... (12 replies)
... My "angina" story has a much better ending I think. Before I took my statin vacation a while back I had been having what I thought were some angina attacks. ... (23 replies)
... My "angina" story has a much better ending I think. Before I took my statin vacation a while back I had been having what I thought were some angina attacks. ... (23 replies)
... appointment and I KNOW they will want to put him on some kind of statin. he is complaining already. No early heart attacks in family, but his MOm does take a statin , she 65 yrs now. ... (14 replies)
... My family doctor has recommended I try a statin to lower my numbers but when you read my numbers below you might think otherwise. ... (31 replies)
... Zocor or Vytorin. Both use simvastatin which will be generic next year but the Vytorin uses additional ezetimibe which allows an even lower dose of statin for the same results. ... (3 replies)
... Is it likely that I will be on statin for the rest of my life? ... (6 replies)
... after reading 8 or 9 books now.....I'm wondering if cholesterol is the "poison" we are being led to believe. In any case, no way are we getting the full story on statin research. I always have a problem with any company who does a "study", provides the funding, controls the results, and also sells the product. ... (23 replies)
... dl. Why this one figure alters a doctors decision without taking the HDL and Triglyceride figures into account to prescribe a statin drug I do not understand. ... (12 replies)
... t want to start taking a statin at age 27. ... (12 replies)

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