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... Numbers were not as good, and HDL remained lower. So was their a blunting or negative effect with the use of vitamins on cholesterol levels? ... (18 replies)
... Fish oil offers so many cardio benefits and is good for cancer prevention as well. Homocysteine a Vitamin B50 complex would be great. Mainly folic acid, B6, and B12 lower Homocysteine. ... (15 replies)
... B complex vitamins along with 2 cardio meds. ... (37 replies)

... protein hit, but then I get that heavy feeling. And I miss the fullness of what I describe is a like a vitamin 'rush' in the healthier meal. It's like vitamins and nutrients are flooding the cells. I miss that when I now eat a standard meat meal. ... (5 replies)
I need some advice
Aug 17, 2006
... I will call her this morning and find out the right results but i know they definatly need improvment i just dont know what vitamins would be the best to take. I know alot on here take the fish oil, some flaxseed, red yeast and some niacin. ... (2 replies)
... CoQ10 and other assorted vitamins that are supposed to help. ... (8 replies)
... ACE28-- You mentioned numerous different tests in your post. Have you ever had (or heard of) something called a Cardio/ION panel? It's supposed to measure electrolytes, vitamins, and minerals to see if your levels are correct. It's supposed to be expensive, but I wonder if it might be worthwhile. (16 replies)
... fingers, and also sometimes in my left leg for about 2 months. The initial fear was heartattack or a stroke, so I went in to the doctor's for stress tests, echo cardio and vascular ultra sound. My heart was ok, but that's how I found out about my high trigs and cholesterol. ... (30 replies)
... The primary B vitamins associated with homocysteine are B6, B12 and mainly FOLIC ACID. ... (15 replies)
... Thank you very much for your encouraging info. I have been really down since I received the number. I will be very dedicated to this and I can still eat dark chocolate I thought I would have to eliminate that, thank heavens.:D I drink a cup of green tea every day, have been for the past year. Maybe I will have 2 cups a day instead. Again thanks for the encouragement!:) (14 replies)
... Reactive protein test done to look at your cardio risk factors with a better understanding of your situation. Inflammation is a key component of heart disease as it increases oxidation of LDL. ... (14 replies)
... I had a cardio-cath in June 05; 40% blockage in Left Coronary Artery - 30% blockage in right coronary artery. Since that scary experience, I've been on a jihad to keep my heart healthy and, if possible, reverse the coronary artery disease. Was on a program of lipitor (20 mg) and Zetia (10 mg) along with a ton of supplements, vitamins, and anything that even remotely... (9 replies)
How are my results
Apr 28, 2006
... backround i am a 44 yr old female i lost my dad and 2 brothers to heart attacks one brother had triple bypass at age 28 i see a heart doctor every 6 months he has me on aspirin atenolol k-dur niaspan extented release 750 pravachol plus vitamins my last lab work is triglycerides 53 (14 replies)
... I have any problems, he would be more then happy to see me and as far as payment, take whatever I could afford. Now that was I think, mighty nice of him. Hubby's cardio man knows his Medicare doesn't cover everything, so he bills them and whatever isn't paid, he just lets it ride, we have never gotten a bill from him. ... (29 replies)
... I'm just going to do as I have been doing, watch my diet, take my vitamins and cinnamon etc., but I am not going to work myself into a frenzy over numbers, enough already!!! ... (41 replies)
... C complex vitamin, and hubby's cardio man had him on Folic Acid. I swear they are trying to make us all just a TAD nuts. ... (41 replies)
May 29, 2005
... gardeninggal...I have never taken Policosanol, nor know anyone personally who has, so I am in the dark about it. Weird that it would make your's go up, but then again, fish oil capsules made my LDL go up???? Hubby's cardio man has tried him on a few things, as he knows what he went thru on statins, but his big thing is everything in moderation, and he also believes in... (5 replies)
... Ok, here's the interesting part. About 3 months ago I started some vitamins. Here's what they were - a multivitamin (without iron) for women, 380 mg milk thistle (for support in the liver), 1000 mg flax seed oil (for night sweats -yeah, I'm also in menopause), and 25 mg 7Keto DHEA (to help support the thyroid). I had to stop the multi as it still caused constipation. It... (7 replies)
... ts and just take the statins like millions of others are doing, but I think I'll pursue the heart scan and at least see how much it would cost. I agree with the cardio doc, who said he'd rather know if there is calcium or not before starting in on statins just because LDL is 141. What say you? ... (0 replies)
... As a body builder, I am thinking that you already have low body fat and a good deal of muscle mass. So, in your situation, the first steps of cardio workout and diet are what I would focus on. ... (3 replies)

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