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... Has anyone out there ever used Cholest Off by Nature Made? ... (1 replies)
... :blob_fire My mom tried thee cholest -off and had a 25% drop in her cholesterol numbers. She didn't even diet properly when taking it and got a pretty decent drop. She later switched to once a day plus cholesterol. She dropped 94 points using this vitamin. Keep us posted with your result, and good luck! (2 replies)
... Help! Does Cholester-Off work? An article I read did a study that claims the plant sterols and stanols in Cholest-Off can reduce cholesterol levels by up to 24% with none of the negative side effects I have been experiencing on Lipitor (headaches and occasional stomach aches). It claimed that instead of altering my body chemistry like with Lipitor and other statins, the... (2 replies)

... what are the ingridients of it what kind of plant sterols ? also does it contain soy some of them contain soy and they dont listed and people has gotten allergic reaction from it thanks for the **** miket78 (3 replies)
... Just wondering if anyone has tried Nature Made Cholest Off? ... (3 replies)
... I keep seeing all these ads on TV for cholest-off and all these other cholesterol reducing products. My dr said that they may not work anyway and varies from person to person. I cannot see wasting money on something that might not work. Any advice? (2 replies)
... There are many posts on this board on Cholest off. I've never used it, but somebody said you can purchase it at Wal Mart. ... (2 replies)
Cholest off
Jun 30, 2005
... It's a way to get plant stanols which prevent some portion of the dietary cholesterol from being absorbed. It costs about as much to get the stanols in Cholest-off as buying Benecol margerine or Minute Maid Healthy Heart orange juice. Might as well get the juice or the margerine thrown in? It is likely to have a small efffect on serum cholesterol but nothing Earth... (1 replies)
Cholest off
Jun 30, 2005
... Has anyone tried or know anyone who has tried Cholest off? ... (1 replies)
... I don't think she will get that 24% but it's POSSIBLE. It just iss the far end of the curve. Just like with training SOME people can run a 4 minute mile...but not many. :D (5 replies)
... Thanks, Lenin. If my mom stay on the take control spread and the heart healthy oj along with the cholest-off, do you think she can achieve the 24%? She does exercise by walking three miles daily and she works in the garden every day. I don't think she's against statins, she took zocor for a month or so, but it doesn't interact well with verapamil.:eek: She's waiting to... (5 replies)
... again "hereditary". Fortunately I was able to get my total cholesterol down to between 165 and 167 so far. I would recommend taking a supplement called "Cholest Off Complete". ... (4 replies)
... I was constantly using metamucil with it which also lowers cholesterol. I need to get back on my better diet. I have fallen off the wagon a bit. Hubby and I have eaten out alot lately. The holidays are coming so I need to really watch it now. this week I promise to do better. ... (6 replies)
... Diet and lifestyle changes over one year were not enough to lower my numbers to an acceptable reading. I now take 10mg Lipitor and 2 Cholest-Off tablets per day (and have for 3 years). My numbers finally came down. I have no trouble taking that statin in that dose. I continue the diet and lifestyle measures. I credit most of the drop to the drug, but of course don't... (26 replies)
OTC Drugs
Jan 7, 2005
... Cholest-off contains plant stanols & sterols which have been shown to lower cholesterol. There are other foods that have been fortified with plant sterols and stanols for the precise purpose of lowering cholesterol - the ones I can think of right now are orange juice and bread spreads. I take Cholest-off as a supplement. I also take a statin drug and follow a low-fat... (2 replies)
... Yock, Your numbers don't seem high enough to justify medication. Keep up your exercise program - that not only helps with cholesterol, but overall health and longevity, and it just makes you feel better too... I'd try cutting back on the beer a little - I'd cut the beer in half, and have a couple glasses of wine in their place. There's a lot of carbs in 10 beers -... (6 replies)
... I do take Cholest Off, usually at lunch time, but it's not the Complete. Basically it's just plant sterols and stanols. I'll check out the Cholest Off Complete. ... (4 replies)
Pills & Numbers
Dec 1, 2006
... Quess i wasn't very clear on my first post. Yes my numbers befor i started to take anything except a multivitamin were, Total 190 HDL 33 LDL 121 Tri 177 Ratio 5.73 After the Doctor told me im as good as dead if i don't take the Crestor I started to take what ever i could find. Yes my father died of heart disease at just over 62 and his brothers at 65 or so.... (9 replies)
Mar 29, 2006
... My formula for controlling cholesterol includes the phytosterols in a daily Cholest-Off supplement and the substitution of Take Control spread for butter & margarine in addition to 10mg Lipitor. Although I haven't made myself a test case, I suspect that the Lipitor accounts for most of the decrease in my TC & LDL. I use the bread spread because I need something to take the... (23 replies)
... My liver overproduces cholestrol. If I maintain a low fat diet, not eating any pork, beef, eggs or any fried foods, my count was still high. Between 245 and 260. With Lipitor, Lescol or Pravachol I brought it down to 220. I could not tell if the statin drugs were causing my muscle pain or the Fibro. I have Fibromyalgia also. So I stopped taking statins to see if the muscle... (8 replies)

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