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... Okay I'm 34 years old and for the first ever I have a high cholesterol reading of total cholesterol 232. ... (12 replies)
... I just received the results of blood test which includes cholesterol levels and I feel frightened, and disheartened about these results that follow: Current levels 2012 Cholesterol: 232 HDL: 72 LDL: 178 (8 replies)
... my mother is diabetic and has high cholesterol and hear condition. However, I am worried that is showed so early and when I am already very particular about my diet and exercise. ... (9 replies)

... Yes, that seems to be my endo's thoughts also. Because my HDLs are good, he's not overly concerned about my total number. Also my trys were 102, also a good number. I've been concerned about my cholesterol (232 is not that great) so I've had heart scans, stress tests, etc. and my heart is still in fine shape. I'm thinking menopause isn't helping either. I'm due to have the... (2 replies)
... I'm 31 male, slim build but have a little pot belly from having low testosterone levels. The first cholesterol level 5 years ago was 232 and the recent values haven't looked bad because I had good HDL and Trig levels but on the last test my trigs were elevated. ... (3 replies)
... I know, I go overboard. Anyway, I eat relatively well, but my body just produces cholesterol no matter what I do. I even tried being a vegan for 6 months and my cholesterol level dropped only 2 points. I have always been a very fit person and have ALWAYS had high cholesterol. At 15 years old I had 277 and have been up to 299. ... (6 replies)
... It does look like the lowering of Triglycerides accounted for the majority of your drop in Total..around 70pts. Your TOTAL cholesterol is the sum of 1)Your LDL 2)Your HDL and 3) Your Triglycerides/5. (21 replies)
... ldl 159. Does anyone have any experience with hypothyroidism and high cholesterol. I'm completely stunned that by lowering my thyroid med it would cause my cholesterol to jump so high. My dr didn't seem all that concerned and said to go back to my regular thryoid med dose, and have my lipid done in 3 months. Any ideas? ... (2 replies)
... L, my Cholesterol level was 232. ... (0 replies)
... If someone knows, could you explain to me what the difference between triglycerides and cholesterol is because I was given TWO different readings at my examination. ... (21 replies)
... Cholesterol Study: Different rules for elderly? by Delthia Ricks Staff Writer A low total cholesterol level, a major objective in preventing cardiovascular disease, may be associated (0 replies)
... Six months ago I added green tea and cinnamon to my diet, and have no idea if it was a fluke or what, but my TC went from 232 to 198 and my LDL 161 to 126. Overall I have been doing the oatmeal etc. but it just brought the numbers down a lil, so who knows. ... (21 replies)
... Hi my name is Mylinda. I have had high cholesterol for a little over a year now. ... (9 replies)
... hi hi! I actually live in France (also in Scotland for university but I got tested in France) so that's why the numbers may look a little different, it's probably in a different scale than in America! The cholesterol is measured in g/l as is almost every other result I have gotten. I'm not sure what the glucose is in technical terms, but the only two things I'm over in... (6 replies)
... My total cholesterol is 232 My triglycerides are 88 hdl is 79 and ldl is 135. I'm not over weight, i exercise and I'm healty. I have no other medical problems. I'm 55 and for around 5yrs. ... (4 replies)
... I've been trying to get my cholesterol down. At least get the bad cholesterol down and the good up and make my ratio's healthier. I'm trying to avoid going on medication. ... (9 replies)
... Doctor was really concerned about the cholesterol and my glucose reading of 120.. ... (5 replies)
... The way I found out that my cholesterol was high the first time was from a white patch the started on my right eye lid. I asked the eye doctor when I went in and he said see the doctor. ... (3 replies)
... Arrrggg.. I hope this works. My cholesterol was 232 and I didn't change a thing :( 16 months ago and shot up to 320 (along with an extra 10 lbs) :mad: if it all that doesn't work, I guess I'll try niacin added to the concoction and if that fails...meds for me :( (40 replies)
... I'd like to get a few tips on diet for healthy weight gain. My husband has been losing weight due to our diet and exercise schedule. His 31 years old and is 5ft 9 inches. He weighed 162 Lbs before and now he weighs only 148 lbs He was tested in January and the numbers were way too high: TGL:448 LDL: Could not read HDL 37 Cholesterol: 232. We are healthy eaters... (12 replies)

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