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... My labs: 12/31/09 Trigs 138 (normal) Cholesterol 250 (High) HDL 23 (good cholesterol... should be above 40... way low). LDL 158 (High. Normal is 1-129.9). LDl/HDL Ratio 6.32 High (Normal is 0-3.5) Chol/HDL Radio 8.4 (High, Normal is 0-5). (32 replies)
... I had a cholesterol screening this morning. It was during open enrollment, and could lead to a reduction in my medical insurance cost. ... (6 replies)
... My 36 year old son just had some labs. They concern me and I'm not sure how concerned I should be. There are also some results that could be liver related or heart related - not sure which. Total Cholesterol 315 Triglycerides 401 Non HDL Cholesterol 250 Direct LDL 209 Glucose 118 Sodium 133 L Billirubin, Total 61 H (12 replies)

... It does look like the lowering of Triglycerides accounted for the majority of your drop in Total..around 70pts. Your TOTAL cholesterol is the sum of 1)Your LDL 2)Your HDL and 3) Your Triglycerides/5. (21 replies)
... If someone knows, could you explain to me what the difference between triglycerides and cholesterol is because I was given TWO different readings at my examination. ... (21 replies)
My Cholesterol
May 21, 2001
... I am 35 yrs old, 6'2" 188 lbs. I run 3 miles, twice per week. I play basketball 2-3 times/week. I am very athletic and exercise frequently. High cholestrol runs in my family (my Dad had double bypass at age 56). I have been eating better recently (not eating fast food and avoiding red meat when I can), but I probably eat way too many Carbs. Anyway, I have always had... (3 replies)
... Almost everyone agrees that having high blood cholesterol levels above 250 shorten your life and markedly increase your chances of suffering a heart attack. ... (15 replies)
... Very good. This helps me alot. Why is total cholesterol misleading? ... (30 replies)
... I was searching for how to lower my cholesterol as I have an ungodly family history of heart disease. ... (32 replies)
... Congrats. It's puzzling to me that Lipitor flat out didn't work for you and those 3 supplements did. The effectivity of any of those three on cholesterol levels is marginal at best. BTW, you can easily supplement Q10 with statin medication. ... (21 replies)
... Years ago I tried an immediate release. I don't recall if it was 250 mg or just 100 mg, but I thought I was going to burn up. It isn't dangerous, but it was uncomfortable. ... (8 replies)
... Her HDL went up to 100 and her TC was around 250 while on Atkins. ... (2 replies)
... can almost eliminate flushing for most people. However, be aware that a sustained release product is more effective, so you need a lower amount to get the same cholesterol lowering. If you were to substitute it on a mg for mg basis with the immediate release, you increase risks of dangerous side effects. ... (34 replies)
... I know this sounds like an ad and I don't mean it. I am just so excited. For years my cholesterol was 250, 275 and then got up to 335 and even 350. I took Lipitor, Zocor with no results. I tried to lose wieght and could not get it down. ... (21 replies)
... nish wrote about Cholesterol being the main factor for CAD during the days between the 1930's and the beginning of this century, when it was widely accepted that cholesterol was the only cause of CAD. ... (32 replies)
... Total Cholesterol in and of itself is very misleading and should not be used to determine if you need cholesterol lowering meds. ... (30 replies)
... Dr. Caldwel Esselstyn, Dr, Campbell, and Dr. John McDougall recommend a Total Cholesterol below 150. Why? ... (32 replies)
... As I expected, attacking cholesterol with a one pronged attack still leaves two of your ratios in the high risk category. ... (32 replies)
... I'm missing something. The first test above (156 for TC, 93 for LDL, 50 for HDL, and 64 for Trig) are all within the guidelines I've been given by my Dr. (TC 125-200; HDL >=40; Trig <150; LDL <130). If I had those numbers I wouldn't take statins. (4 replies)
... Two months after starting on lovastatin, my cholesterol had plummeted to 118 with 66 LDL. However, over the past year, it has risen significantly and is now back where it started at 155. ... (4 replies)

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