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... My advice is to do some independent research on the web about cholesterol and heart disease. There is controversy over whether serum cholesterol is as big a factor in heart disease as the medical profession and pharmaceutical companies make it out to be. ... (3 replies)
... High serum cholesterol can be largely determined by the genes you have inherited. ... (4 replies)
... i recently went to the doctor and found out my cholesterol was 256 my good cholesterol was 67 and my bad cholesterol was 155, my triglycerides were 202, so my question is how bad are these and can diet and exercise fix this or am i going to need medication? ... (9 replies)

High Cholesterol
May 4, 2008
... I also am a bit skeptical of the link between high cholesterol and heart disease. ... (3 replies)
... That total cholesterol of 301 is nothing to diddle with! ... (5 replies)
... when you say your cholesterol is way it way down compared to before you started atkins? ... (5 replies)
... can also adversely effect cholesterol and triglyceride levels. And the wine? ... (5 replies)
... Lynet, I don't think the wine should have had that much of an impact. Generally, alcohol tends to raise HDL, not lower it. If anything, I'd be more inclined to attribute these changes to his diet. A diet which is high in carbohydrates, especially refined carbohydrates, and foods containing trans fats can elevate triglycerides, and even LDL cholesterol. What is his diet... (5 replies)
... My husband recently had bloodwork done and we were astounded to discover his cholesterol had risen to a total of 301—the LDL and triglycerides being really high and the HDL really low. He had the blood drawn just a few days after he stopped having 2-4 or more glasses of wine almost every night. Does anyone know if that would have had a major effect? How long should he wait... (5 replies)
... Hubble, yes I have a strong weight training program and I do cardio as well and I also have tennis elbow so when I had my test results both times my tennis elbow was killing me plus I had worked out the night before. I think I will try that aspirin a day thing. By the way the wine thing I can do I like wine and have that some nights instead...Lisa (27 replies)
... Lisa, I just saw your post - alchohol can raise LDL and lower HDL - haven't heard of it having any effect on CRP though. You might try having 4 ounces of red wine each night, and cut out the other alchohols (bummer, I know - I couldn't do it myself...)... A glass of red wine a day is supposed to help lower LDL and raise HDL... Also, you mentioned you do weight... (27 replies)
... Low cholesterol levels don't appear to be the only safe levels. People with cholesterol above 200 seem to be well protected if their HDL levels are also high. ... (24 replies)
... Gardeninggal, If you want an alternate diet that reduces carb intake, take a look at the 'Paleolithic' diet. You might find some interesting guidelines in this approach. It stresses eating like our ancestors did 10,000 years ago - before the advent of modern agriculture. Basically is stresses fish, more polyunsatured than saturated fats, a good percent of protein... (8 replies)
... well within guidelines. I don't think you need to be on any cholesterol medication. Why does your doctor insist you try one? ... (6 replies)
Stopping Lipitor
Feb 26, 2001
... Thank goodness for a site like this! DaveMc, you have every right to feel mIserable while on meds --- those who do not have our problems cannot judge how we should feel. My wife, a nurse, passes out meds like candy but has never had a serious illness, so has no idea what med side effects can feel like. I have been on cholest. meds. for ten years ---the Lopid was the worst... (33 replies)
... You need to lower your cholesterol - 313 is too high. Lipitor is relatively powerful and has a good track record of few side effects... That's the one I'd recommend... I'd also recommend diet and lifestyle changes. Cut back on saturated fats, sweets, alchohol, and consume more soluble and insoluble fibre from fruits and veggies and grains... With any statin you should... (3 replies)
... you don't get spikes in your blood sugar. This helps to prevent diabetes, and people actually find their cholesterol and triglyceride levels improve when eating more low GI foods. ... (4 replies)
Is it possible ?
Oct 13, 2003
... Arizona73 gave you very good information when you posted your numbers in an earlier post. With an HDL of 80 and trigs 32 the higher total cholesterol is not that concerning. ... (4 replies)
Help please
Nov 28, 2002
... The total cholesterol number is basically meaningless for determining risk unless it is too low. ... (2 replies)
... Have your Trigs been high all along? From what I understand, high Trigs and low HDL seem to go hand in hand, as my husband has the same problem. He is not a drinker, but has type 2 diabetes. Sugar is DEFINITELY a culprit in high Trigs., so go VERY easy on anything starchy, or sugary, as they will send your Trigs up. Stay away from processed foods, white potatoes and white rice... (11 replies)

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