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... can somebody interpret my doc said that i am fine. but the total cholesterol of 248 freaks me out. i took the test last yr and it was 205 which is under borderline. now it is 248!. when i checked the internet, 248 is under the high risk region. ... (2 replies)
... You are absolutely right. I pay for these tests and I should have copies of my medical records and tests. I have a right to them AND if I change doctors I have these to give to him. Thanks for this advice. ... (30 replies)
... of heart attacks are in people with normal or low cholesterol levels . ... (9 replies)

... e the immune system,54 are necessary for healthy bones,55 provide energy and structural integrity to the cells,56 protect the liver,57 and enhance the body's use of essential fatty acids. ... (9 replies)
... I highly recommend that everyone should ask for copies of their bloodwork. ... (30 replies)
... and 'SRA' cholesterol receptors. ... (9 replies)
... I changed my diet, started to exercise and take fish oil supplements, metamucil and eat oatmeal. Although these dietary changes caused me to gain 7 lbs., my cholesterol numbers improved. ... (0 replies)
... ENZYME Q10, 1200 mg of plant sterols. ... (3 replies)
... Yes, two years ago I had Total Cholesterol in the 205 range. At the time the doc thought that with added fish oil and olive opil I should be fine. ... (30 replies)
... My I also add that I do not have any history of Coronary disease in my family. ... (15 replies)
... but the latest test showed for DH a 222 total ch, LDL of 138 and HDL of 51. ... (2 replies)
... I repeat, there is NO ultrasound technique, doppler or otherwise that can determine with any degree of accuracy the presence or absence of CORONARY artery blockages. Those arteries are just too small! Even MRI techniques are just BEGINNING to get good enough to be of some limited use. ... (15 replies)
... What could have caused my cholesterol numbers to shoot up like that in less than a year? ... (5 replies)
... I overnight developed high blood pressure. Her cholesterol went to over 300. Bad genes from dad kicked in on both of us. So don't ever think it can't happen to you. I'm not vegan but I don't eat red meat. ... (5 replies)
... HDL is generally improved by exercise and medications, but an isolated lower HDL number with a low LDL, total cholesterol is difficult to interpret. ... (3 replies)
... How old is the Silvertein article, for it seems odd to emphasize only total cholesterol without discussing its components? ... (54 replies)
Very Low HDL
Nov 20, 2003
... he did this out of sheer will power... ... (3 replies)
... the Physicians assistant has labeled me with Pure hypercholesterolemia - (icd 272.0) Result of lab work 11/14/03 at 0835 cholesterol*ne 205 triglyceride*ne 281 HDL cholesterol*n 16 LDL*ne 133 (5 replies)
... Hubby was on Tricor, as his trigs, are over 400 but it gave him the walking on golf ball effect. Tricor wasn't as bad as the Lipitor he said, but after 7 years of feeling like junk, he has had it. His cholesterol is only 205 and his HDL was good, but his trigs. are bad. Right now we are at a standstill with the dr. ... (10 replies)
... MY LDL was creeping up from 110 in late 2016 to 131 late 2017. I started taking Nature's Plus RYR, 600 MG, one tablet at night starting Jan of this year. ... (3 replies)

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