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... Hi guys, So I've always had somewhat high cholesterol, but recently my results have given my doctor some pause as they have continued trending upward. He decided to do a VAP test a few weeks ago, but has been unable to provide me with a proper interpretation. I thought that maybe posting it here would help me in analyzing the results. Here's a little relevant health... (1 replies)
... I am looking for help in intrepretation of my latest cholesterol test with the particle size information. ... (0 replies)
High Cholesterol
Jun 21, 2012
... Doctor has advise me a rozavel 10mg for 3 months. My concern is Whether I have to take this drug for life long or I should stop after my reports get normal.. ... (2 replies)

... Can you please suggest me what is the wrong with my health. Why Triglycerides are normal and cholesterol is high. Is it because of high BP? ... (0 replies)
... inking of when you wrote that. Its action is specialized for the transport of the hydrophobic lipids, primarily triglycerides and cholesteryl esters between the VLDL and HDL during that cascade, but sometimes the transfer or exchange processes in LDL, VLDL, and CMs too. ... (20 replies)
... Regarding the dose of Endur-acin, 750mg is a VERY modest dose of an extended release niacin. As niacin will cause a shift from small particles to larger particles, I would highly recommend increasing this to 1000mg, then 1250mg. Then retest after 8 - 12 weeks. Most patients taking once daily ER niacin are taking 1500mg - 2000mg. (11 replies)
... I have been following this forum for awhile and decided to post after receiving my VAP (Atherotech) results which concern me. I had already been taking 750mg niacin (Enduracin) and 2g fish oil for several months before the VAP. No red meat and cardio 5x / week. 62 years old. I do have some carotid plaque "of no significance" according to ultrasounds. Anyway, the Lp(a)... (11 replies)
... I just received my VAP cholesterol test results today, and I need your help and opinions on how good or bad my results were. ... (7 replies)
... I had a VAP in April 2010 and one this week (July 13). The April numbers were very good, i.e. low ldl, good hdl, low tri., and patten A. However, my July results very similar except that my pattern changed over to B. It seems the pattern B/A ratio (I calculated this went from 3.32 to 4.31. However, my HDL went from 45 to 52 :) I am a 51 year old heart disease patient with... (11 replies)
... And here they are... TC is even higher now!!! YIKES! The results with an asterisk were flagged as being out of normal range. ************************* *Total LDL-Cholesterol - Direct 162 mg/dL (<130 is desirable) Total HDL-Cholesterol - Direct 65 Total VLDL-Cholesterol - Direct 27 *Sum Total Cholesterol 255 mg/dL (<200 is desirable) Triglycerides -... (9 replies)
... I'm seeing the doctor later on this week to go over these results. I'd like to be prepared... have my questions thought out ahead of time. Also, based on the below results, what can I expect to hear from him? (Lower the LDL, yeah, yeah... are there any other worrisome variables that he's going to flag?) There's a lot of data here and I don't know how much of it to take... (15 replies)
... AND once you start statins, it's a lifelong commitment. You stop and your numbers go back up unless you alter your eating habits. The low fat, low cholesterol diet is not effective either. Your body needs fat, protein and conplex carbs. ... (23 replies)
... You might be genetically unlucky to have an unfavorable blood cholesterol profile. ... (6 replies)
... onse was "Vitamins do nto really have that much effect..." arrghhh! He wanted me to do angiogram but I have a mixed feelings. I think IM gonna try pantethine for 3 months and see if it works for me. Hopefully, I don't need stupido stents in my blocked arteries that can be scary! I dont know what to do... ... (3 replies)
... arkie, th liver produces like what, 2g of cholesterol a day, right? ... (26 replies)
VLDL v.s. LDL ???
Apr 25, 2005
... in just 3 months. Plus, no side effects. ... (2 replies)
... I have been on Lasix since September 2004 and although there are no changes in my blood sugar my cholesterol levels have gone up quite a bit. ... (14 replies)
... Niacin causes insulin resistance and hyperglycemia (the beginnings of Type II diabetes)? So says the published articles here that I copied from the Protein Power bulletin board: Niacin revisited: clinical observations on an important but underutilized drug Henkin Y; Oberman A; Hurst DC; Segrest JP Atherosclerosis Research Unit, University of Alabama Medical Center... (0 replies)
New Numbers
Nov 25, 2009
... Here are my new numbers (fasting). I think they look fine but I'm not as facile as others here interpreting. If anyone sees any problem areas ... Total LDL-C Direct 122 TotalHDL-C Direct 108 Total VLDL-C Direct 14 Sum Total Cholesterol 244 Triglycerides-Dkirect 66 (1 replies)
... Part II: Lipoprofiles: 08/2002 10/2002 07/2003 LDL Particle # (nmol/L) 755 554 860 (optimal <1100) LDL Size (nm) 20.3 20.8 21.4 (Low Risk is Pattern A 20.6-22.0) Large HDL (mg/dL) 8 17 35 (Neg Risk Factor>30, Pos Risk <11) Large VLDL... (17 replies)

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