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... Lenin, The tablets are 20's, so I'm getting two 10's with each split. Actually, they're crumbly, so I'm getting about 9 mg. with each half. The rest ends up in my pill splitter or or in my lap. I pay a $10 a month co-pay regardless of strength, so in effect I'm paying $5 a month for this medicine. I also take Cholestoff for the phytosterols & phytostanols. They may be... (58 replies)
Jun 7, 2005
... Thanks to many. I just can not take Lipitor. (2 replies)
Jun 7, 2005
... Sagg, It certainly won't harm you but you've got to take more than the 2 they recommend (like 6 a day)and it really is for modest LDL lowering only (and works better if you restrict your dietary cholesterol): Sterols/stanols work by preventing dietary cholesterol from being absorbed in the intestines and that's usually only a minor component of the cholesterol... (2 replies)

... I increased my soluble fiber by eating lots of fruits and veggies plus supplementing with Benefiber. Also using Benecol/Take Control Spreads instead of margarine and using Cholestoff. Also eating Salmon or Tuna 3 times a week and several servings a week of Sweet Potatoes Whole grain products, limit sugar, limit fat and cholesterol of course. I run/walk 4-6 miles... (4 replies)
... The National Cholesterol Education Program has a great program called the TLC program and it talks about lowering cholesterol naturally through diet, exrcise and taking plant sterols ands tanols. Supplements might be a good idea since you're dieting--CholestOff is a great product that many have had succes with. Check out this site... (16 replies)
... I have to increase my running to get rid of the churning. I was also taking supplements and stuff like cholestoff and using Benecol instead of margarine. I am running to the bathroom 4 times a day...anxiety is out the window. ... (4 replies)
... i don't think it's a mistake but i would quit using it and see if stomach problems go away, and if that don't work then quit taking cholestoff for a couple days and see what happens (4 replies)
... i eat a half cup of ground flax seed a day. it's a lot cheaper than the oil if you grind it yourself, coffee grinder works great, allergic reactions to ground flax extremely rare, if afraid have your doctor or allergist test you. it's helping me with multiple health problems. i get mine for 89 cents a pound. you only need to eat 2 ounces a day. it's good nutrition, many people... (1 replies)
... along with a low fat diet I've added those things. I'm wondering if you can have ill effects by using this stuff all together. I'm worried about the garlic especially. The next thing I am supposed to add is Flax Seed Oil...I'm hesitant because its costly and I don't want to take a chance on an allergic reaction to it. I guess i worry too much. (1 replies)
... rahod, i added 3 grams of niacin a day and psyllium fiber 3 times a day (8 replies)
... You can more effectively lower your cholesterol if in addition to cholest-off, you exersice regularly and eat a healthy diet. You can lower it up to 24 percent. Theres more information online at Good luck man! (8 replies)
... If I could lower mine 20%, that would get me to 188. Isnt anything below 200 supposed to be good? (8 replies)
... Not bad...but you still have a way to go. What's your plan to get down to the low 200's? (8 replies)
... it should come close to that, the doctors never do because they assume it's to difficult for us. but if we just have to take one pill a day we might be able to remember that. also you have to remember that they see statins and other drugs as synthetic versions of natural elements even though they really aren't. next time you get your cholesterol checked let us know how much it... (8 replies)
... I wonder if anyone's doctor recommends this stuff? Mine fact, he doesnt think anything but meds do much of anything at all. I'm using it and I hope it drops my cholesterol from 235 to around200 (8 replies)
... in fact i can't see why everyone wouldn't take it just for the fact that you could eat more foods you like, and for a little tip take your pills with break fast and supper and then right before you go to bed take 1 pill. so 5 pills daily. they sell phytosterols last time i looked at vitaglo.c o m 100 pills for 5 bucks or so. (8 replies)
... yes i've used it for about 8 months or so and it works well, it lowered my total cholesterol by about 22% 336 to 259 (8 replies)
Jul 26, 2004
... l check in september, but before i took anything for cholesterol it was 336 with ldl 200 so i took zetia and my ldl went down to 131 but i quit the zetia and too cholestoff and policosanol and my ldl went up to 153, but my total cholesterol was 259 and on zetia it was still 250 so now i added 3 grams of niacin and psyllium fiber 3. ... (23 replies)
... Its a product by "Nature-Made" and its comprised of plant sterols and stanins. Supposed to reduce the LDL cholesterol by stopping its absorption in your gut. I guess it wont do anything to the cholesterol already floating around in your system though. In my quest for lower cholesterol, I picked up a bottle today....I'm supposed to see results in 30 days. Anyone have... (8 replies)

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