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... I have no problem with that. No paper I have ever read about statins has claimed that they stop heart disease nor stop you from having a heart attack. They reduce the risk of a heart attack, and slow the progression of atherosclerosis. That's all they do. The caveat being, that the recent studies with zocor and crestor that saw plaque reversal, would indicate the... (29 replies)
... Yamaraja, Kevin Trudeau is the champion 'snake oil salesman' of our times - perhaps in recorded history!! He is a total charletan and fraud, and only promotes supplements and his books for his own personal gain and profit. I would be VERY leary of taking any advice from him seriously. In fact, whatever he recommends, do the total opposite, and you'll probably be far,... (29 replies)
... Well finres, I'm glad you brought this up. As a matter of fact, just last year I posted some info about researchers who have reported in the Archives of Internal Medicine about a comparison made between statins and fish oil. They reported that fish oil reduced the risk of heart deaths by 32%, compared to 22% for statins. Keep in mind that both have anti-inflammatory... (29 replies)

... A study of warfarin to prevent the recurrence of the blood clotting disorders deep vein thrombosis and pulmonary embolism resulted in such a high defree of benefit to the patients -without significant adverse effects-that the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute of the National Institutes of Health has stopped the study early. An analysis of previous studies indicates... (29 replies)
... it says in the commercial "taking this product has not been shown to lower your risk of heart disease". this means one of two things. either the cholesterol medications don't work like advertised, or cholesterol is not really related to heart disease as people think. ... (29 replies)
... New research is focusing on independant risk factors for CV disease and one of those factors is homocysteine levels. It is thought that one day, homocysteine screening may be as common as cholesterol screening. For now though, it may not be reimbursed by your insurance. High levels of homocysteine are toxic to the endothelial lining of arterial walls and can lead to plaque... (10 replies)
... You might consider taking Thera Tears (soft gel caps)'d be surprised what is in them. THey were originally made for dry eyes. Seems like lack of EFA's (essential fatty acids) causes dry eyes. No wonder people's cholesterol drops when they take them. (29 replies)
... Despite Kevin Trudeau's blood-thirst for cash and inability to write above a 5th grade level, I think he brought a lot of ignorant Americans' attention to our nation's health care system--which is a miserable failure. The claim that high cholesterol causes heart attacks and strokes is debatable and there is little, if any, evidence that statins reduce the risk of heart disease... (29 replies)
... Thanks for the help, Uff-Da. Actually, it's been a while since I read the article in my local paper, and I no longer have it. It must have taken me a half hour to find my original post (7/31/2005) to quote these figures here. But what struck me most was the fact that fish oil was able to dramatically cut heart deaths by 32% WITHOUT any significant cholesterol-lowering effect.... (29 replies)
... Beefy - April 11, 2005 (29 replies)
... Arizona, You raise some interesting points. Had a quick look for the article quoted and your post, but could not find either. Can you give me the reference to the AIM article please? An author or date would do. Many thanks, Beefy. :wave: (29 replies)
... Well, they're probably right about aspirin. But since aspirin is so cheap, nobody makes a big deal about it. All of the hype seems to be about statins, since the drug companies benefit greatly from them. Just follow the money, that's what I've always said. (29 replies)
... They do use the word "prevent" when talking about aspirin on commercials. (29 replies)
... I truthfully haven't paid much attention to the disclaimers, but I do know that most of them say.."IF U experience muscle pain, to contact your dr. as it may be a sign of a RARE but serious side effect". Of course most people who can't tolerate statins do experience muscle pain, so I don't think it is RARE. As U said, not only do they talk fast about side effects, but... (29 replies)
... I've never read any of Kevin Trudeau's books, but I have seen him on television. Now, I'm all for using natural alternatives to drugs if it is possible. But my personal opinion is that Kevin Trudeau has gone way, way over the line. He seems to have a cure for practically every chronic medical condition, which I find extremely hard to believe. Of course, if he said that high... (29 replies)
... I know that there is some disclaimer mentioned, although I can't remember word for word just what it was. I think it said something about "not been shown to prevent heart attacks", or something along those lines. The next time I see one of these commercials I'll pay closer attention, and try to catch exactly what is said. It's not always so easy to catch all of what is said... (29 replies)
... ok so have any of you guys seen one of the commercials yet? I can't be the only one to have seen this. you can also hear it on those infomercials. I heard it on there, then I watched the next cholesterol commercial to see if they were right and they were, it said in small letters "this product has not been shown to lower your risk of heart disease" (29 replies)
... I too had an A in statistics. I do also know that the numerous variables that they are using in their tests require a much, much , much larger pool of "volunteers" than they are using. I have also read many of the numerous reports on cholesterol.. Many of them start out with "it is a well know fact that cholesterol causes heart disease"....These are read; however, they... (29 replies)
... Fatherson, By now you must recognize the fultility of presenting statistical evidence to those who operates on a "faith based" theory of heart disease. Unless the meaning of a controlled double blinded study is grasped, then ANY evidence can be ascribed to "coincidence" or the "hand of God." If there is no credence given to statistical evidence there really cannot ever... (29 replies)
... Removed] I have never argued that cholesterol is the de facto cause of anything. I do believe the data, which does show that incidence of death from a MI is lower in patients with lower cholesterol, all other things being equal. Whether cholesterol is the cause of CAD or not is immaterial to me. The ultimate underlying cause, for now, and IMO, is unknown, so I can't... (29 replies)

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