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... I agree with Lenin. Those results don't make sense. LDL is normally calculated, but would be totally off if the trigs are as high as you say. Most reports would come back saying "LDL cannot be calculated." Does your report say that LDL is directly measured, rather than calculated? Did you fast before your test? Triglycerides are greatly affected by recent diet, so one... (12 replies)
... But your HDL was abnormal when your trigs. were at 358 and 894. It's only when your trigs. became normal that your HDL followed in suit. I've never seen, until now, a reference range that allows an HDL of 35 to be considered normal - that seems too low. Yes - my trigs. go higher with high-carb foods: sweets, white rice, pasta and breads, etc. (12 replies)
... Actually, HDL of 42mg/dL is not considered low as the reference range for male is 35 - 60 mg/dL (for female is 46 -70 mg/dL). BTW. does your trigs go high with high-carbo diet? I heared some people can't take high carbo diet beside sweet stuffs. (12 replies)

... I see you have the same type of profile I have - I too have high trigs. with low HDL. It seems that whenever I eat lots of sweets, my trigs. go high. And when my trigs. go high, my HDL goes low. It seems as though you have the same type of correlation that I do - between trigs. and HDL. I too am not diabetic - but it seems, like you, I have a type of insulin resistance. (12 replies)
... Triglyceride number is extremely volatile from month to month, below are my numbers to illustrate this point. 5/2005 Total Cholesterol: 191 Triglycerides: 358 HDL: 38 LDL: 81 9/2005 (12 replies)
... Thanks Lenin but Im still a little confused on what you were saying on the numbers ...No the paper they gave me only had the numbers I posted. I get retested in Jan.. Thanks again (12 replies)
... Thanks Lenin but Im still a little confused on what you were saying on the numbers ...No the paper they gave me only had the numbers I posted. I get retested in Jan.. Thanks again (12 replies)
... Puzzled, THose results look a bit dodgy to me. Have the test rerun. With triglycerides that high (hypertriglyceridemia), the LDL isn't even calculated because it will have almost no meaning. If it were, the triglycerides themselves would contribute 113 points to your LDL (1/5 their value,) clearly a paradox. Does your report say anything about "LDL measured directly?" ... (12 replies)
... Thanks for the reply mghealth Im guily of eating alot of taters but not really a sweet eater and some days I eat one meal Im sure that isnt helping either. I hope the diet helps me I have to try It scared me to death and Im guilty of smoking also not a drinker..I need to make some serious changes in my habits thats for sure. Thanks again. (12 replies)
... Also, I'm 34. (12 replies)
... Oops, I guess you added those other values before I had a chance to post this post. It looks like you and I are in the same boat. We both have a similar "total" cholesterol (mine is around 190) level and we both have low HDL (I once had an HDL of 24) and we both have high trigs. All of those are not good. They are all risk factors. I have tried diet and exercise but they... (12 replies)
... Hmm.. your trigs. are high. Mine at one point were at 600. They later lowered to 300. Then I concentrated on a low-carb diet and they lowered to 147. Then I started to eats lots of high-carb foods again and they are now back at 307. Do you have a habit of eating high carb foods (sweets, breads, potatoes, pastas, alcohol, etc.)? Also, do you know your individual LDL and... (12 replies)
... Im a 37 year old female and this was my results.My grandmother has High Cholesterol and its heridtry. Just wanted some insight on these numbers have been searching.So far Dr sent the note with a diet and get another blood test done in Jan. Total: 200 Trig: 563 HDL: 27 LDL: 80 Thanks (12 replies)
... Epac10, I noticed that your DOC wants your LDL to be less than 100. In normal people the limit is 130. For diabetics LDL should be less than 100. I myself is a borderline person. My total chol: 170-178, LDL 110-120, trigly: 78-85, HDL: 40-42. No medication. I want my total to be less than 150 or increase my HDL to around 48 or 50. My blood pressure after complete... (22 replies)

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