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... If you are taking Zocor now, you should already be taking Co Q10. Statin medications, as well as some other medications, interfere with the pathway that produces CoQ10 as well as other functions in the body. ... (10 replies)
... Went to my Endo doc today and he wants me to increase the dose of my Zocor. When I do I get muscle pain, tired and weak. he told me to take Co Enzyme 10. That a new study showed that taking it counteracts statin drug side effects. Although he didn't tell me what dose to take. ... (10 replies)
... Thanks for clearing things up for me. I do not have any of the problems you asked about in your response. My issues now deal with how quickly my muscles react to what use to bring no painful response. I mean, I can be having a good day...carry an object that weighs maybe only 20 pounds for 20 feet and within an hour or so-backache. My legs use to do that but they have pretty... (10 replies)

... No Imacar..."Their" idea of a safe zone and my idea of a safe zone are two different things. Most likely (from the statin study) the side effects aren't from the drugs themselves (like some drugs cause coughing, raised Bp, etc.) the cholesterol lowering drugs side effects are from the actual cholesterol lowering. Cholesterol is required to make the cell wall waterproof. ... (10 replies)
... OK.....are you saying that by driving your cholesterol too low with statins-and the combined effect of Coq10 depletion cause all of the side effects? Therefore, if someone were able to find the right dose of any given statin to say hold the numbers in a "safe-zone" but not TOO low....they would not suffer side effects? Assuming of course that 100mg of Coq10 were also part of... (10 replies)
... There would hardly be a price increase in a patent combo of a statin and Coq10. The main part Coq10 is cheap. What you are paying for is a binder and packaging. People see to think that statins "side effects" can be relieved by Coq10. IT is not a side effect. It is the plain depletion of Coq10. Also the side effects are from cholesterol lowering, not statin or drug side... (10 replies)
... I went to my local chain drug store last night to check on a higher mg COQ10. WOW, the price is high:mad: . LENIN, you are right on the money on this one:D . It's no wonder that the patent combo of statin/coq10 has not been used. I would imagine the docs would even have to charge for the samples of it:D . (10 replies)
... Dr. Andy Weil, who is among the foremost authorities that I know of for integrative medicine (combining traditional western medicine and more natural forms) recommends 90 to 120 mg. per day. (10 replies)
... I checked and mother's Coq10 is Q-sorb...Nature's Bounty, 200mg (10 replies)
... The neurologist that my mother goes to (while i don't always agree with him) was involved in the study on Coq10 and Parkinsons. He said there is very little difference in the absorption of different types of Coq10. I believe my mother takes Nature's blend?? Anyway, she gets it at either wal-mart of walgreens. They usually have a 2 for 1 sale. The bottles she gets are... (10 replies)
... NHone, You mention "There is sufficient evidence of the effects of lowered CoQ10 on the heart and other muscles. A good dose would be 300mg per day. If you have had problems with statins, you should start out at 600mg per day. People with parkinsons (to slow the progression) should be on 1200mg per day. Less than 1200 for people with parkinsons has been shown to not be... (10 replies)

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